A missing Amazon server trained natives in the use of drones and land surveillance

Letícia Mori – From BBC News Brazil to São Paulo posted on 06/07/2022 18:36 The monitoring project equips and trains indigenous people to carry out monitoring in the area – (Credit: Bruno Araújo/Univaja) Before disappearing in the Amazon, indigenist and Funai (National Indigenous Foundation) worker Bruno da Cunha de Araújo Pereira worked to train and … Read more

Jessica Kachmar and Antoine Desilets receive a clinical subspecialty grant

Clinical Subspecialty Scholarships are for medical residents pursuing additional training outside of Quebec. The two selected candidates, Jessica Kachmar and Antoine Desilets, will each receive $25,000. These scholarships are offered by the Faculty of Medicine at the Université de Montréal through the Clinical Subspecialization Scholarship Fund, which was established in recognition of donations from the … Read more

Play Scratch Cards Online: What You Need to Know

Scratch cards: Portuguese game, of course Scratch cards are, quite simply, the favorite game of the Portuguese. There is no other that even comes close to the preferences or amounts spent by domestic players.Every day, hundreds of thousands of scratch cards are sold by all kiosks, stationers, cafes and other commercial establishments in Portugal. Data … Read more

Ukraine: the crucial role of the railways, the “second army” – 15/06/2022 at 18:41

Director General of Ukrainian Railways Oleksandr Kamyshin during an interview with AFP, at Kiev railway station on June 13, 2022 (AFP / Sergei SUPINSKY) They evacuate millions of Ukrainians, transport foreign leaders visiting Kiev, transport millions of tons of grain: Ukraine’s railways have played a vital role since the Russian invasion nearly four months ago, … Read more

Corpus Christi: Check what’s open and what’s closed Thursday-Sunday in DF | Federal District

Part of the brasilienses will be able to enjoy a long vacation this week. In addition to Corpus Christi Day on Thursday (16), the federal government and the government of the Federal District have also decreed an optional point on Friday (17). ABOUT TO LEAVE: Corpus Christi: BH, SP and RJ are the favorite destinations … Read more

Bitcoin Market (MB) lists 8 new cryptocurrencies and announces a name change and promotion that will give R$50 reais for free

The Bitcoin Market (MB), has announced the listing of 8 new crypto-currencies on its platform, they are: Civic, Biconomy, Revain, Polymath, Alien Worlds, Braintrust, Decentral Games and Ceek VR. Among them, OPTIMISM, launched on May 31, is one of Ethereum’s second layer (L2) scalability solutions. which aims to make Ethereum-secured transactions faster and cheaper. Additionally, … Read more

Municipality of Pelotas

At holiday religious of corpus ChristiThursday (16), the population will not fail to count on essential services in priority areas such as health, sanitation, transport, social assistance, security and others. Friday (17) will be an optional point day in the municipal public offices, established by decree n ° or on the teams. Find out what … Read more