Free games on Playstation Plus for March 2022

Sony Playstation has already announced which games will strengthen the Playstation Plus catalog next March.

Come see what titles you can (if you have a valid subscription to the service) download and play for free next month.

March is approaching and with the arrival of the new month, new games are also arriving in the Playstation Plus catalog. In this way, and for all players who have a valid subscription to the service, the games that will arrive in March are already known.

Leading the fantastic ARK: Survival Evolved, the list of titles that can be downloaded for free via the PlayStation Store, starting March 1, 2022, is as follows.

ARK: Survival Evolved

The dangerous fantasy world of ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Playstation Plus.

In this adventure, survival and action game, the player wakes up on the shores of a mysterious island and will quickly have to adapt because this island will turn out to be an extremely hostile environment ready to kill us.

Part of the player's tasks to survive is to collect resources to craft items and build shelters, and use our equipment to kill, tame or breed dinosaurs and other creatures that roam the island.

However, you won't be the only one stuck on the island, so the game could turn into an enjoyable cooperative (or not) adventure.

Sonic Racing Team

Everyone knows Sonic is lightning fast, but in Team Sonic Racing his speed is put to the test in a way that's extraordinarily fun...and competitive too.

Team Sonic Racing for PlayStation 4 combines the best features of fast-paced arcade-style racing with competitive elements, where players can compete against friends in intense multiplayer races, compete side-by-side in stunning worlds, and work as a team by sharing special and turbo powers.

In Team Sonic Racing we can choose one of the iconic characters of the Sonic franchise, divided into three types of characters, and unlock many other customization options for vehicles, to make each race unique.

ghost runner

In Ghostrunner, we will discover a great adventure in a first-person game that offers frenetic action, with violent combats and original scenarios. All this for PlayStation 5. Here the player dons the clothes of the most advanced and lethal swordsman ever, slashing and slashing our enemies with a special monomolecular katana.

Along the way there will be many difficulties to overcome, and thanks to the superhuman reflexes of our character, we will have to be able to dodge enemy bullets and other threats, even resorting to various specialized techniques to triumph.

And even...

Additionally, from March 1 through April 4, players will be able to download, at no additional cost, the bonus title Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A cooperative online multiplayer experience inspired by the mythology of the Japan allows the player to choose from four classes (Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin) and play with friends through online matchmaking in two-player story missions, four-player survival missions, or the new Rivals mode.

PlayStation Plus members have all the more reason to smile as Sony has announced that in February and March, PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to download, at no additional cost, the NeonHAT title, developed under the PlayStation Talents program. In NeonHAT for PlayStation VR, the player will have to dodge and shoot the dangers of the skies of Synthwave, compete against other players and make their mark in this neon-filled universe. Get ready for absolute immersion, realistic flight and authentic sensations with the DualShock 4 wireless controller or PlayStation Move and explore the ultimate test of PlayStation VR skills in the 3D maneuvering system.

It looks like March will be a big month for Playstation Plus. What did you think?

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