Campaign in the home stretch. Parties have last chance to try to elect

There is one week left for the in-person vote in the Europe circle to be completed, after being declared void. The reason? Some ballots were inserted into a ballot box without a copy of the voter’s citizenship card, making it impossible to distinguish between valid and invalid votes. This led the Constitutional Court (TC) to declare the “nullity of the election in the polling stations of the circle of Europe”, which imposes the repetition of the vote. With this, those registered in Europe vote on the 12th and 13th of this month. Anyone who chooses to vote by mail will have to do so before the 23rd.

In addition to delaying the formation of the new government and a new parliament, the repetition gives the parties two opportunities: on the one hand, they can campaign again; on the other hand, those who failed to elect a deputy have one last chance here.

In all, there are 38 effective candidates to vote. Francisca Sampaio, from CDS-PP, is one of the top candidates. Not having elected any deputy in the national constituencies, it is the last hope of the party. However, the candidate says she is “optimistic and confident” in a different result from that obtained during the canceled vote (ninth place, with just over 1% of the vote), but says she has “feet on the ground”. To change the course of the party, the campaign can be decisive. Therefore, the bet is made “especially on social networks and digital platforms”, something that had already happened during the campaign for the January 30 elections. However, the head of the CDS-PP list was not present at the debate between candidates of the parties holding parliamentary seats, which took place on 2 and 3 March.

The Left Bloc (BE) was another of the losers of the election night, having only five deputies left in the Assembly of the Republic. The bloc’s candidate says “the time until the election is very short”, which she says makes it impossible to run a more extensive campaign. As with CDS, “the focus is on social media and the online context.”

Liberal Initiative (LI) candidate Carolina Diniz also picked digital media as her favorites for the campaign. “The idea was to do something in line with January, with debates, videos and interventions on social networks,” he reveals.

“Our campaign is mainly carried out on social networks”, explains Amílcar Martins, of ADN, who adds: “All emigrants read and listen, and this is the best way to reach whoever we want”.

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