Bode Castle. On Sundays we go to Trizio to pick up the garbage

For several months, a team of volunteers has been gathering every Sunday to clean the kilos of waste from the Zêzere River, from the Castelo de Bode dam. The initiative is from the Planet Caretakers association, which already has 17 teams spread across the country, but it is there, in the countryside, that it has the most impact.

The idea came to Sofia Mendonça last summer, who passed it on to her friend Fábio João, considered by his companions to be the guardian of the Zêzere river: she lives in a house in the Trizio region, one of the most beautiful river beaches of Serta. At the helm of his boat, he began by taking half a dozen friends to clean up. “While it was summer, we used to go there on Wednesdays, at the end of the day. The boat takes seven people, sometimes we went over the garbage cans… then we started doing that on Sundays. Now we takes two boats and, all the same, we don’t divulge much because we no longer have the capacity to accommodate more people”, tells DN the man who lives by the river, in the middle of nature. , and who, knowing the banks and the bed, has never ceased to be surprised at the state in which he finds it. : “We picked up everything, from the famous cotton swab to yoghurt packaging, through water, pesticides, polystyrene, tires, to refrigerators and other household appliances. Some throw everything into the river.”

As the landscape contrasts with this dump, the journeys of the Castelo de Bode team are always inspiring and have become something beautiful. This is how the poet Miguel Manso and others who have joined him in the meantime enter the scene. “We collect garbage, but we also read poetry. In the meantime, we have started to invite a few photographers to join us,” he told DN. The result of this work should be part of an exhibition alluding to garbage collection, in July, during the literary festival promoted by the municipality of Sertã.

Caring for the environment across the country

It’s been a year since this whole movement started. But in fact, it was germinating for a long time, by the mentor Débora Sá. The 33 years of this eternal scout seem very little for all that she has traveled in terms of social responsibility, helping others.

Born in Costa da Caparica, Débora knows today that she comes from nowhere, because she often travels where she needs to go. The same goes with the profession, which can be a network manager, a yoga teacher or a computer technician. This nomadic side made him land in Brazil, for a mission that was to last three months. This is where I was when the pandemic hit, in March 2020. “The three months ended up being six. The flights were all canceled and I moved to the favela, on the island of ‘Itaparica. So I used all my money to help that As I ended up staying longer I took all my friends from report and I did a fundraiser to continue helping, especially with food and basic things. Without knowing it, that’s where Planet Caretakers was born,” he told DN.

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