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Conference from 12.30 pm to 2 pm.
Number of hours of training: 1h30
Section : Forum of Women Lawyers
President : Me Patricia Gamliel, Dunton Rainville

Emphasize the contribution of Indigenous women to the legal profession and understand their problems, motivations and success factors.

During this unique activity, our panelists will share their journey and achievements, including:

  • what led them to the study and practice of law,
  • the obstacles they encountered and how they overcame them,
  • their experience in a profession that is still not very diversified today,
  • factors they believe would help attract and retain more Aboriginal women in the legal professions.


The Honorable Julie Philippe, Judge at the Court of Quebec, Montreal

The Honorable Julie Philippe (LLB 2003) has been a judge of the Court of Quebec in civil matters since 2020. She is the first Indigenous woman to be appointed to the bench in Quebec. Before her appointment, she was a partner at Linteau Soulière et Associés and settled civil and family disputes there. She had also served as the Parole Commissioner of Canada since 2018.

Hailing from the Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation, in the community of Mashteuiatsh, in Lac-Saint-Jean, she has been involved with the Aboriginal community throughout her career, most notably as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Center Justice of the First Peoples of Montreal and Chairman of the Board of Native CPE Soleil Le Vent. From 2017 to 2019 she was also part of the administrative team of the Faculty of Law as Coordinator Recruitment and Indigenous Affairs. On the occasion of her appointment, she created a scholarship to encourage Aboriginal students to persevere in law studies.


Ms Marie Belleau, Attorney, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., Iqaluit, nunavut
Marie Belleau is a French-speaking Inuk from Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies and modern languages ​​and a bachelor’s degree in civil law from Laval University, as well as a Juris Doctor (JD) in Common Law from Ottawa University. After being admitted to the Ontario and Nunavut Bar in 2013, she was hired as a legal counsel for Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI), the organization that represents the Inuit of Nunavut. Almost 2 years ago she was promoted to Managing Legal Counsel. Marie has been a committed volunteer in her community, including as president of the Nunavut Law Foundation. Ms. Belleau is passionate about the revitalization and continuation of Inuktitut, as well as the practice of Inuit throat singing and other performing arts.


I Fanny Wylde, Legal Center Abitibi-Témiscamingue, chibougaau
Fanny Wylde is an Anicinape from the municipality of Pikogan, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. In 2007, she became the Algonquin Nation’s first attorney and, by extension, the first Aboriginal criminal and criminal defense attorney in Quebec history. After her debut with the DPCP, she started various mandates within her community and for various Aboriginal organizations, both locally and regionally. She also practiced with Cain, Lamarre in private practice for a while before joining the legal team of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. She is currently the lawyer of the Chibougamau legal aid agency, where she mainly focuses on criminal law, youth protection and family law.


Ms. Alexsa McKenzie, attorney with the Organization of American States, Washington, DC
Alexsa McKenzie, based in Washington, DC, is an Innu attorney from Uashat mak Mani-utenam, who applies international anti-corruption law at the Organization of American States (OAS). It operates under the OAS mechanism which aims to strengthen the application and implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption. Her background has enabled her to explore legal issues related to the fight against corruption in several Caribbean and Latin American countries, including those related to public procurement systems, banking secrecy, abusive tax practices, prevention of corruption of national and foreign officials, foreign bribery, illegal enrichment and rendition. Alexsa has also worked in politics with a federal ministerial cabinet in parliamentary affairs and has worked in a company specializing in corporate law and in one of the largest Canadian companies. She graduated from McGill University’s Faculty of Law in Civil and Common Law and is fluent in Innu, French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Moderator : Me, Caroline Briand, Langlois lawyers

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