25 Young Women Raped In Basement By Russian Soldiers, 9 Got Pregnant: ‘It Will Happen To All Nazi Prostitutes’

The BBC reveals the story of this basement but not only – the reports are disturbing. “The Russian soldiers told them that they would rape them to the point that they would not want any contact with another man and thus prevent them from having Ukrainian children.” Another documented phrase uttered by Russian soldiers: “This will happen to all Nazi whores”

“Anna” was living with her husband in a rural area about 70 kilometers from kyiv when, on March 7, everything changed. The story is told by the BBC: This 50-year-old woman, whose name is withheld to protect her identity, was at home with her husband when a foreign soldier invaded. He was a young, thin Chechen fighter allied with Russian forces, Anna describes.

“He pointed a gun at me and took me to a nearby house. And he ordered, ‘Take off your clothes or I’ll shoot.’ I thought that was the end of me. But they took me away. I never saw him again Anna thinks she was saved by another unit of Russian soldiers.

Anna returned home and found her husband. He had been shot in the abdomen. “He tried to run after me to save me but he was hit by several shots.” The couple took refuge with a neighbor but could not go to the hospital because of the clashes. The man succumbed to his injuries and died two days later.

According to the BBC, the woman never stopped crying as she told her story. During the interview, she showed where she and her neighbors buried the man, in their own backyard. At this place, a wooden cross stands at the top of the tomb. A month later, Anna remains in contact with the local hospital and receives psychological support.

The soldiers who rescued her stayed at her house for a few days. Anna recalls guns being pointed at her and being ordered to hand over her husband’s property. “When they left, I found drugs and Viagra. They were drugged and often drunk. Most are murderers, rapists and thieves. Only a few are good.”

“Tortured by strangers, buried by Russian soldiers”

On the street where Anna lived, BBC reporters heard another report. A woman was reportedly abducted and killed. Neighbors say by the same soldiers who raped Anna.

The woman was about 40 years old. She was taken from her own home, neighbors say, and kept in the bathroom of a neighboring house. The residence, beautifully decorated with ornamental wallpaper and a bed with a gold headboard, is now an eerie crime scene. There are huge bloodstains on the mattress and duvet. In one corner, a mirror has a note written in lipstick – “tortured by foreigners, buried by Russian soldiers”, it reads.

Oksana, a neighbor, tells BBC reporters that the message was left by Russian soldiers who found the woman’s body and buried her. “They [os soldados russos] I was told she was kidnapped and had her throat cut or stabbed and ended up bleeding to death. They said there was a lot of blood.”

The 40-year-old woman was buried in a grave in the garden of the house. A day after BBC journalists visited, police exhumed the body to investigate the case. He was naked, with a deep, wide gash along his neck.

Kyiv region police chief Andrii Nebytov reports that another case is being investigated in a village 50 kilometers west of Kyiv.

A young family – a couple in their thirties and a child – lived in a house on the outskirts of the village. “On March 9, several Russian army soldiers entered the house. The man tried to protect his wife and child. Then they shot him in the garden,” police report. “After that, two soldiers raped the woman several times. However, they left and then came back. They came back three times to rape her. They threatened her that if she resisted, they would harm the little boy. To protect her son, she did not resist.”

When the soldiers left, they set fire to the house and shot the family dogs. The woman and child escaped and contacted the police. Andrii Nebytov says his team went to meet the woman and recorded her testimony.

Authorities collected evidence from the family’s home – the structure of which is all that remains. That and just a few signs of a previously peaceful life scattered among the ashes. Reporters identified a children’s bicycle, a stuffed horse, a dog collar and a men’s winter shoe.

The man was buried by neighbors in the garden. As in the previous case, the police exhumed the body for analysis. The authorities intend to take the case to international tribunals.

Ukrainian human rights representative Lyudmyla Denisova told the BBC she was documenting several similar cases.

“It will happen to all the nazi whores”

“About 25 girls and women between the ages of 14 and 24 were systematically raped in a basement during Bucha’s occupation. Nine of them are pregnant,” says Lyudmyla Denisova. “The Russian soldiers told them that they would rape them to the point that they would not want any contact with another man and thus prevent them from having Ukrainian children.”

Lyudmyla Denisova says she now receives many calls from helplines – and also gets information through Telegram channels. “A 25-year-old woman called to tell us that her 16-year-old sister had been raped in the street in front of her. She said they had shouted ‘this will happen to all Nazi prostitutes’ as they raped her sister .”

The BBC wondered if it would be possible to assess the extent of sex crimes committed by Russian troops during the invasion. “It’s impossible at the moment because not everyone is willing to tell us what happened. Most call for psychological support, so we can’t flag calls as crimes unless they don’t give us their testimony”, explains Lyudmyla Denisova.

The official says Ukraine wants a special tribunal established by the United Nations to personally try Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes, including violations. “I want to ask Putin: why is this happening?” said Anna, the woman who said she was raped. “I don’t understand. We don’t live in the Stone Age, why can’t he negotiate? Why does he occupy and kill?”

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