A site to help Ukrainian students continue their studies abroad

The most prestigious schools and universities in Ukraine launch the Ukrainian Global University. This project, coordinated by a professor from the Sorbonne, aims to help Ukrainian students to settle abroad.

“It is a very ambitious project and at the same time we hope it will be useless because the war will be over before it has actually been used,” hopes Olena Havrylchyk, professor of finance at the Sorbonne University of Paris 1 and coordinator of the Ukrainian Global University project. The war between Ukraine and Russia forced many Ukrainian students to suspend their studies and many fled abroad. To help them continue their studies in spite of everything, seven leading Ukrainian universities, such as the Kyiv School of Economics and Ukraine Global Scholars, united on March 22.

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Promote the reception of young Ukrainians

The collective wants to perform for “high school students, students and scientists” Ukrainians and invitations “all high schools, universities and colleges in the world to [les] support them by accepting them and providing financial assistance while studying in the country”† In the long run, the institution wants to become the reference player for hosting and grant applications “We need to be easily recognizable to approach ministries and universities around the world”explains Olena Havrylchyk.

This site should also serve as a link between the students in exile and the universities of Ukraine.

Higher education institutions ready to welcome young Ukrainians can already register on the platform. Another form identifies volunteers ready to recruit branches to convince them to host students. It’s for people who “contacts with educational institutions abroad but also with those who want to help Ukraine, without knowing where to start” indicates the organization on its website.

A link for students in exile abroad

In time, the platform can be provided with new functionalities. “We want to be able to develop a communication network between displaced students and remote courses in Ukrainian”, explains Olena Havrylchyk. from

“Ukraine cannot afford to have its young researchers permanently set up abroad”Olena Havrylchyk, coordinator of the Ukrainian Global University project

The aim of these measures is also to maintain the sense of belonging that binds Ukrainian students to their country and to encourage them to come and rebuild it after the war.† “We want to avoid the phenomenon of brain drain”, says the Sorbonne professor. And to add that “Ukraine cannot afford to have its young researchers permanently set up abroad.”

Very few Ukrainian students have already arrived in France

So far, few Ukrainians have arrived in France.“Young men are not allowed to come and women arriving in Western Europe have not yet registered for university. They first have to look for housing.” explains Olena Havrylchyk. The Paris 1 teacher also says that not all students from major Ukrainian universities want to leave the country. “One of the professors from the Kiev School of Economics explained to me that most students want to stay put. As part of the young Ukrainian elite, they think it is their duty to support their country.” details of the coordinator At the best economics university in Ukraine, the students have not all stopped classes. “Some teachers continue their training remotely”, explains the teacher.

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