Álvaro Pacheco and the staff: “We have made history. It was more than deserved for us to achieve this” – Vizela

Álvaro Pacheco was visibly happy after Vizela’s 1-1 draw against Marítimo, enough of a result for Vizela’s side to secure their permanence in Portuguese football’s top flight next season. “There is a happiness that extends to the county, to the Vizela family. We have made history [com a manutenção na I Liga]. It was something very important for the club, for the city, for the county that the team stay in I Liga, with the best. Vizela reached the 1st League and showed an identity, a game matrix that deserved to stay. It was more than deserved for us to achieve this. On only one trip, we were below the “waterline”. After what we have done this season, I have no doubt that these players will be much stronger in the future”, began by saying the coach of Vizela, in statements during the press conference at the end of match.


The draw against Marítimo “was the tastiest” of the season

“It was the tastiest [dos 12 empates do campeonato]. Even for the first time, I find myself not wanting to win the game, being more conservative, with a team much more focused on the defensive process. We heard that Tondela [16.º classificado] was unable to earn all three points. It was an emotional game, congratulations from us. Victory would suit our players well, but the fact that they feel the importance of points has prevented us from being calm at certain stages. We made a few mistakes, like the ones that, throughout the season, were fatal to us, but this time it was worth keeping up with.”

“A year and a half ago these players were in the Portuguese Championship”

“Being able to guarantee the maintenance [foi um feito mais difícil do que as subidas de divisão]. A year and a half ago, these players were in the Portuguese league. Vizela has a project, believes in this project and allows those who are there to work with stability. Also, whoever is here has a very big ‘vision’ for the club. Since the Portuguese Championship, we had a bold idea, which forces [os jogadores] to get out of their comfort zone. It helped prepare them for further stages.”

“There are players prepared for stronger stages than Vizela”

“At the moment there are players prepared for stages that are stronger than Vizela. We have made the players believe and focus on what they are able to control. These players have grown tactically, physically, but especially mentally. I like players who take risks, who like challenges and who “die” for our idea of ​​the game. It’s good to take these players to the Portuguese league and manage to keep them in Ligue 1 In the fields where we played, we were always Vizela Some players will “fly”, others will stay to continue to help us write history Players have character and availability [enormes]. They never turned their face to fighting. They told me today was our day and they had to make history. And they managed to go down in history.”

Dedication to the father, his “reference and idol”

“I always saw my father fighting and wanting to be the best of all. He was my reference and my idol. You can’t watch football without winning the three points. I asked the players, at the start of the season , if would still be ready to fight for the three points.This team scored [o futebol português] to be able to play positive football. There is a motto which is ‘Vizela is like this and fights until the end’, and the players reflect that.”

“For the year, I hope to improve this ranking”

“Since my technical team and I started the course at Fafe, we said to ourselves that, in five years, we wanted to reach the 1st League. I had already been in the 1st League as an assistant [de Miguel Leal], but as a head coach, it’s different. We had to invest in solutions to the problems encountered by Vizela. Last year [na 2.ª Liga], there were far fewer problems than this year. As a coach, I had a good development in Ligue 1. Next year, I hope to improve this ranking.”

Continuity in Vizela

“I’m very proud to be here. We’ve been through tough times this season, but you can’t imagine the confidence and stability that the Vizelense family has always given me, from administration to fans. Right now , it is much more difficult [deixar o Vizela]. I have a contract and I’m very happy at Vizela, even if one day I have to leave, because that’s how football is,” he concluded.

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