ARTHUR presents emission-free hydrogen bus

Europe’s most sustainable bus: ARTHUR presents an emission-free hydrogen bus. ARTHUR develops state-of-the-art zero-emission buses and researches related system solutions to actively promote the mobility revolution. As the mobility sector is one of the main causes of CO2 emissions in Europe, there is a strong demand for alternative mobility solutions. ARTHUR’s hydrogen bus offers two major advantages: it produces zero emissions while driving and helps reduce noise pollution in urban areas. “With our buses, we want to give large and small cities as well as regional communities the opportunity to bring people to their destinations emission-free, quietly and economically.”, explains Philipp Gloner, CEO and co-founder of ARTHUR. Local and regional emissions should not be the only ones to be reduced: ARTHUR is fighting for the global transition to a zero-emissions future. “We want to implement the mobility transition ourselves by actively developing sustainable solutions”, Gloner reports further. “With our low-consumption hydrogen bus, we have designed a first mobility solution that is not only depolluting and efficient, but also inspiring in its comfort to make public transport more attractive. Mobility must be climate-friendly and accessible and affordable for everyone.”

The ARTHUR H2 ZERO bus model consumes less than six kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers

The ARTHUR H2 ZERO has lower operating costs than comparable models and the energy concept has been completely redesigned. The drive system and component temperature control are precisely coordinated: The ARTHUR H2 ZERO bus has a range of over 450 kilometres.

ARTHUR, the zero-emission mobility company, celebrates the world premiere of its low-consumption, zero-emission hydrogen bus. At the Bus2Bus fair in Berlin, the company presents its first product, the consumes less than six kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers. Given the overall energy concept, the operating costs of the ARTHUR H2 ZERO bus model are also lower than those of comparable models.

The ARTHUR H2 ZERO bus line uses hydrogen as an energy carrier and state-of-the-art fuel cell technology specially optimized for commercial vehicles to convert energy into sustainable drive power. Compared to buses with conventional combustion engines, this has the advantage, in addition to the durability aspect, that the maintenance costs, calculated over the life cycle of the product, are even lower. In addition, longer distances in emission-free operation are made possible – and that with appropriate refueling times. For production, ARTHUR works with the best international players in fuel cell and drive technology, specializing in the operation of buses and other commercial vehicles.

Also compared to other buses that use hydrogen as fuel, the ARTHUR H2 ZERO model is ahead of the competition. With less than six kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometres, the vehicle has the lowest fuel consumption in its class in Europe. In addition, the bus uses innovative interface technology to meet the future challenges of public transport in terms of digitization. The needs of future passengers were also taken into account when designing the bus. “We want to design a mobility solution that is not only emission-free and efficient, but also encourages people to use public transport more with its comfort,” says Glonner. “But not only our passengers should benefit from ARTHUR H2 ZERO in the long term, but also our customers, who don’t have to compromise with a smart solution in terms of sustainability.”

ARTHUR offers a total solution to its customers and considers the total solution as a system: size and use of the vehicle fleet as well as operating and consumption concepts. The ARTHUR H2 ZERO bus can be customized for any application.

By exhibiting at Bus2Bus, ARTHUR wants to show the advantages of hydrogen as a fuel in public transport. The bus on display is expected to hit the market in the summer of 2022.

ARTHUR is a zero-emission mobility innovator and system manufacturer. Gerhard Mey and Philipp Gloner founded the company in 2021 with a common vision to shape the future of zero-emission mobility. In just twelve months, the ARTHUR team has developed an emission-free hydrogen bus that stands out from similar vehicles for its low fuel consumption and cost-effectiveness. The first model will be launched in the summer of 2022. ARTHUR is already planning other products.

About Philip Gloner: The graduate industrial engineer is passionate about innovations and is a serial founder in the field of mobility. When he was still in school, he received a scholarship for his extraordinary achievements and ideas. While studying in Munich, he sometimes held up to four jobs at the same time, founded several companies and worked full-time as a contractor engineer within the BMW Group. This path proves that he truly lives his motto: “Dreams are worth believing and fighting for.” In 12 months, he assembled a team of over 35 people for his vision of a zero-emission bus. Under his leadership, the first ARTHUR bus with official homologation hits the market.

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