Dell G15 (RTX 3060) REVIEW: No-frills premium gaming laptop

In my review of Alienware M15 R6 I said here that it’s one of the best gaming laptops today and that, at least in the short term, it’s more than worth paying to build a desktop with similar specs, with proportions appropriate. If you don’t remember, I leave the link here so you can see it later.

But unfortunately, not everyone has the power to spend R$13,000 to enjoy some games in their spare time, right? Me understood. Dell therefore decided to send me an option from its catalog intended for those who have a tighter budget, but who still want to be able to enjoy the latest games with great quality. I’m talking about the Dell G15, which I tested last month and I can honestly tell you that I don’t owe my dearer brother much, you know?! Come with me and I’ll explain to you.

Screen, hardware and software

Let’s start with the specs. The G15 offers a number of different options, but they all come with 15.6-inch Full HD screens. Refresh rates range from 120Hz on models with AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5 processors to 165Hz on AMD Ryzen 7 and Intel Core i7 options. Those from Intel are 11th generation, by the way.

In terms of memory, they all come with a 512GB SSD, accompanied by options of 8 or 16GB DDR4 RAM in models with Ryzen 5 or Core i5 processors. In the versions with Ryzen 7 or i7, it still has 16 GB of RAM. On video cards, models with the most basic processors come with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, with 4 GB of VRAM, while the most powerful models come with the RTX 3060, with 6 GB of VRAM. The network card is WiFi 6 compatible and the operating system can be the Ubuntu version of Linux on the most basic models, or Windows 11 on one of them.

Dell G15 (2021) Technical Specifications

  • Filter: 15.6″ WVA LED (16:9), Full HD (1920 x 1200 pixels), 120 or 165 Hz, 250 or 300 nits and 3 ms
  • Processor: options with AMD Ryzen 5 5600H, Ryzen 7 5800H, Intel Core i5 11400H and i711800H
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 (4 GB GDDR6) or RTX 3060 (6 GB GDDR6)
  • RAM: 8 or 16 GB of DDR4 RAM (expandable up to 32 GB)
  • Storage: PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD with 512 GB
  • Webcam: 720p
  • Connectivity: Killer Wireless AX1650 network card (2×2, WiFi 6) and Bluetooth 5.2
  • Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 20.04 or Windows 11 Home Single language in Portuguese

It’s worth mentioning that Dell still sells versions of the G15 with tenth-generation Intel processors and the GeForce GTX 1650, and those versions are much cheaper. But for the most that these processors still give a broth, older video cards offer a much more limited experience than the RTX 30 line, so I couldn’t recommend those based on my experience with this one, which is the model with the better Intel processor, more RAM and the best video card in the family. It would take a totally separate review for the most basic model.

And with this model here, the performance was excellent. I was able to enjoy the rest of my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free trial running titles like Forza Horizon 5 and Age of Empires 4 without choking, and the laptop held up without choking and even made less noise than expected for the game. And then I was able to enjoy free games from Epic Games, such as Rocket League and Genshin Impact, among others, all with the maximum graphics and also without the slightest suffering.

Dell G15 NVIDIA Laptop Graphics Card

Yes, the G15 does get a little warm and you can hear the fans working, especially in longer sessions and in more demanding games, but nothing that affects performance or bothers your hands. Its cooling system does a good job. Overall, the gaming experience was very close to what I had with Alienware, considering current games. The big brother of the etezinho line would do even better in the medium to long term.


A more visible point of difference between the G15 and the Alienware sibling is in the aesthetics. This one is as big and heavy a laptop as the M15, but it’s even thicker and has a much more sober look, in black and without decorative LEDs or very bold features on the case. Aside from the keyboard, which is backlit by zone-customizable LEDs, the most quote-gaming design element here is the small orange G in the corner and side of the keyboard. And that’s fine, especially if the part you care about spends less without losing a lot of performance.

  • Dimensions (L x D x D) and weight: from 35.72 x 27.21 x 2.49 and up to 2.65 kg

Dell G15 Design Laptop

Going back to the keyboard, the keys are well spaced and good for both gaming and typing, but if you were planning on taking advantage of the G15’s more understated style to use it for work as well, it’s good to keep Please note that the keyboard does not come standard. Finding the accents is quite boring for this reason, which is a problem when writing text, but it does not bother in the game.

Laptop with Dell G15 Keyboard

And regarding the available ports, these are the ones that appear on the screen now and I won’t go into them here because there are too many acronyms to talk about them at once. I’ll just say that I thought there were enough USB ports and I didn’t miss anything.

Dell G15 (RTX 3060) Ports:

  • 1x USB-A 3.2 with PowerShare
  • 2x USB-A 3.2 or 2x
  • 1x USB-C 3.2 with Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort 1.4 and 15W Power Delivery
  • 1xHDMI
  • 1x Ethernet with RJ45 index
  • 1x global headphone jack
  • 1x power input


Regarding the battery, we find here the same standard as the one we always see in gaming notebooks, i.e. a duration of almost six hours unplugged when we are only browsing the internet or using simple programs like the following. office automation. At game time, without plugging in the plug, it will be just that, one hour. To play in real life, you will need to take the casing brick with you, which also weighs a little over a kilo. Who said gamers don’t do bodybuilding?

  • 86 Whr capacity battery

Laptop Del G15 games

Is it worth it?

Remember that in the Alienware M15 review I gave an example to show that, at least in the short term, even though paying R$13,000 for this model was expensive as hell, it was more worth than to try to assemble a desk with similar configurations? Well, in the case of this one it’s even more so, as the more powerful models have an overall experience that’s still very close to what we saw in the other, only costing a lot less , R$9,000. It’s still very, very expensive, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely better value overall. And those who want to spend a little less can find more modest family members starting at R$6,400 that will still perform pretty cool in most games.

Official rates as of 01/12/22:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600H, 8 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX-3050: BRL6,398
  • Intel Core i5 11400H, 8 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX-3050: R$6,499
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600H, 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX-3050: BRL7,398
  • Intel Core i5 11400H, 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX-3050: BRL7,549
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX-3060: BRL8,999
  • Intel Core i7 11800H, 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX-3060: BRL8,999

And I’m just not including models with older processors and the GTX 1650 here, because the hardware ends up limiting the possibilities of the machine more, but if you research and find it’s right for you, you can spend even less. And so everyone can be happy playing wherever they want.


But that’s my opinion, so please feel free to disagree and politely explain your reasons in the comments below. Enjoy and let us know what you think of the Dell G15!

Image: Dell G15-i1100-M50 Intel Core i7 11800H 15.6 Gaming Laptop
Image: Tecmundo recommends

The Dell Gaming Notebook has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD. The model has a 15.6″ screen and Windows 11.

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