Leipzig: The Elfrun Gabriel Foundation supports gifted students

To this day, Elfrun Gabriel is considered a successful concert pianist, particularly known for her interpretations of Romantic composers such as Chopin and Schumann. Gabriel has had great international success, has filled concert halls around the world and is committed to promoting young talent. She lived in Leipzig for a long time with her husband Herfried Schneider. After her death, her husband founded the foundation in her memory, which has supported young pianists for ten years.

Since then, the foundation has supported at least two young pianists of great talent through an annual grant and above all through concerts.

Herfried Schneider, Trustee Trustee Elfrun Gabriel and her husband

Provide opportunities for musical development

Above all, practical experience on stage is important for young musicians, says Herfried Schneider: “They are happy to take advantage of the monthly scholarship they receive for a year. The concerts and the opportunities to perform are at least as important to them. . For many, this is even the decisive aspect of applying for the scholarship.”

A prerequisite for the scholarship is piano studies at the Leipzig University of Music and Drama. A special feature of the scholarship is that support for scholarship recipients goes beyond mere financial necessity. The foundation, contacts and commitment of Herfried Schneider allow young students to acquire concert experience very early in their career:

“It’s always very gratifying to be able to experience and accompany the development of these young people during the year of sponsorship. I attend many concerts and I can experience their artistic and personal evolution during this year. it’s a lot of fun,” says Schneider.

Piano festival with the elders

The Elfrun Gabriel Foundation is planning a piano festival in Leipzig to mark the tenth anniversary of the foundation. The fact that almost all of the 20 former scholars come to the festival is a testament to the work of the foundation. Because just as the former students came to Leipzig to study, they have meanwhile scattered in all directions.

It was absolutely not known how long the foundation would exist. The fact that it still exists today is the first surprise. The fact that we can now organize the third piano festival on the occasion of the 10th anniversary is the next.

Herfried Schneider, husband of Elfrun Gabriel

Due to the current political situation, Herfried Schneider only briefly considered not allowing a fellow of Russian origin to perform or removing Russian composers from the program. Ultimately, the focus should be on the unifying effect of music and culture: “I think this piano festival, as a European music festival, shows that we have a common European culture. This is a very important aspect.

From baroque to modern

The piano festival program includes works from the Baroque and Classical to Modern Classical periods. Of course, at the Elfrun Gabriel Foundation Piano Festival, music from the Romantic period should not be overlooked, and a work by Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera will also be performed. A short-term look at the program and a long-term look at the other foundation events in Saxony and Thuringia are worthwhile.

Dates of the 3rd Piano Festival
Concerts at the Gohliser Schlösschen
Saturday May 7 at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday May 8 at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Concerts at the Schumann House in Leipzig
May 14 and 15 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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