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On April 13, in the Salle Lucien-Bellemare of Cégep de Matane, the 2022 edition of the traditional Gala des Réussites of the establishment took place, an opportunity to award a total of $18,950 in scholarships to the student population thanks to the Fondation of the Cégep de Matane and its various partners. Nearly thirty people were rewarded with receiving one of these “Success”, presented in the form of a certificate and accompanied by a scholarship. The evening was organized by the deputy director of studies Jérôme Forget and the teacher in tourism techniques Cabrina Marchioni.

Note that all images of this year’s winners have been published in the album Gala des Réussites 2022 from Cégep de Matane .’s Facebook page

Recognize the efforts of the student population

“The Cégep de Matane Foundation is there to support the students of the establishment and also to help the Cégep in its development”, says the director-general of the Cégep de Matane Pierre Bédard, also president of the Cégep Foundation from Matane. “We salute your courage and your resilience at this particularly difficult time and we wish you every success for the future,” he added, addressing the entire student population, whose commitment, perseverance and also community involvement will be in the spotlight during the gala were put. Congratulations in particular to Valère Brable, Clément Brochet, Katherine Bernier, Frédéric Gouarrigues, Damien Hoffmann and Marie-Frédérique Meunier, who have achieved the feat of receiving three Achievements for the first two and two for the other four.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

These scholarships, valued at $300, are designed to honor graduates who have achieved the highest achievement rating in any of the programs of study leading to a degree of college studies (DEC) and certain certificates. college studies (AEC). Note that the Arts, Letters and Communications program did not include graduates this year.

The winners are:

  • Marie-Frederique Meunier (natural sciences
  • Anne Sophie Pelletier (Social Sciences
  • Damien Hoffman (Urban planning techniques
  • Killian Rousset (3D animation and image synthesis techniques
  • Jean-Christophe Lavoie (Electrotechnical technology: automation and control
  • Brice Camus (IT techniques
  • Hackim Dery (Multimedia integration techniques
  • Clemens Brochet (Photography
  • Katherine Bernier (Medical care
  • Valere Brabel (tourism techniques
  • Valerie Legrand (education of children
  • Patrick Vasile (Game-level design
  • Veronica Roy (Real Estate Brokerage

Inspirational Student Scholarships

These scholarships, valued at $300, are designed to highlight the dedication and commitment of a graduate who, through his actions and personality, represents an inspiring model within his or her program of study. The selection of the winners was made by the teaching staff of the different courses (DEC and certain AECs). The selection was made on the basis of the following criteria: commitment and determination, effort made, reconciliation between school life and personal and social life, sense of responsibility, human relationships or participation in program activities, and an involvement that made the selected person stand out. Please note that some programs have not received applications.

The laureates are:

  • Florence Belanger (natural sciences
  • Emilia Garon (Social Sciences
  • Damien Hoffman (Urban planning techniques
  • Sarah Dumenil Gaumont (3D animation and image synthesis techniques
  • Alex Garon (Electrotechnical technology: automation and control
  • Romain Dubard-Robert (IT techniques
  • Frederic Gouarrigues (Multimedia integration techniques
  • Clemens Brochet (Photography
  • Rosemarie Berthelotte (Medical care
  • Valere Brabel (tourism techniques
  • Daphnee Labonte (education of children
  • Daniel Bernatchez (Real Estate Brokerage

Program Special Mention Scholarship Electrotechnical technology: automation and control

This $300 scholarship was awarded to Fabian Pegoraro, who stood out for his ability to take initiative and demonstrate a high level of proficiency in all areas related to his technique. The teachers of the program are of the unanimous opinion that the course of this student deserves to be underlined in a certain way.

Rodrigue-Tremblay Excellence Scholarships

The three excellence grants in this category, worth $5,000 (gold), $2,000 (silver) and $1,000 (bronze), are intended to provide financial support to Cégep graduates from Matane who wish to continue their studies at a university in Québec. They are awarded to people who have achieved high school achievement and who have distinguished themselves through their involvement. Remember that these scholarships were made possible by a generous donation from Rodrigue Tremblay, of Matanese, awarded to the Fondation du Cégep de Matane, himself a graduate of the first class of the college in 1961. Note also the financial support of his wife Carole Tremblay .

The scholarships are awarded to:

  • Marie-Frederique Meunier (natural sciences), for the gold level;
  • Isabelle LabrieSocial Sciences), for the silver level;
  • Noemy Labbe (natural sciences), for the bronze level.

Excellent performance grant

This exceptional achievement scholarship, valued at $300, seeks to highlight a student’s remarkable achievement, be it academic, personal, or extracurricular achievement. The lucky winner is Clément Brochet, registered in the program photography techniquesand which stood out for the production, as part of the programme, of a documentary about the author and activist Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba, which emphasizes values ​​such as protecting the environment, the reconnection between nature and humans as ecofeminism.

Student Ambassador of the Jaarbeurs

This grant, valued at $300, aims to reward a personality who has positively embodied the values ​​of Cégep de Matane through their actions in the community, especially daring, benevolence, creativity and collaboration. The person had to be part of the ambassadors of the establishment’s various programs. The winner is Valère Bable (tourism techniques

Captain of the Year Scholarships

The two $300 grants recognize the dedication and determination of a person who has distinguished himself within one of the competitive sports teams of the Capitaines du Cégep de Matane.

The two winners are:

  • Noemie Leblanc (photography techniques), athlete in the soccer team;
  • Marilie Abud (Springboard DEC), athlete on the volleyball team.

Louis-David-Michaud Dedication Scholarships

These scholarships, valued at $300, are designed to recognize the commitment of two students whose commitment and dedication stand out.

The two winners are:

  • Axelle Sudan (photography techniques
  • Jessica LabrecqueMultimedia integration techniques

Scholarship of the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ)

This year, the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) of the regions of Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie and Îles-de-la-Madeleine awarded a scholarship worth $350 to Katherine Bernier, registered in Medical care at Cegep de Matane.

Claude Otis Scholarship

Offered thanks to the support of the Matane History and Genealogy Society to a person from the program Social Sciences, this scholarship was awarded to Lisa-Marie Gauthier by Gracia Drapeau. “This fair aims to highlight the commitment of Claude Otis, who died in November 2020, who was a history teacher at Cégep de Matane for 32 years, from 1968 to 2000, and who has always wanted to share his love of history, especially in the region. He would be very proud to see his involvement continue through this scholarship and, like the Matane History and Genealogy Society, I hope this scholarship will enable young people to take an interest in history, especially that of Matane and the region,” said Mrs. Drapeau at the gala.

Promutuel Insurance Scholarships

This year, two Promutuel Insurance grants worth $250 were awarded to graduates who, through their involvement, have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteering at a social or community level, or demonstrated an inspiring attitude, positive influence in the community. “These scholarships are offered by our employees, who have won an internal competition and have decided together to donate their profits to members of the CEGEP student population, in the hope that these scholarships will provide an incentive to continue to believe,” says Josée. Labrie of Promutuel Insurance.

The two winners are:

  • Gabrielle Michaudphotography techniques
  • Frederic Gouarrigues (Multimedia integration techniques

Academic Medal of the Governor General of Canada

This prize, which is awarded to the student who, at the end of the last completed school year, has obtained a university diploma from Cégep de Matane with the best school performance, goes to Anthony Létourneau, who graduated in 2021 from the program natural sciences

Cégep de Matane . Foundation

The Fondation du Cégep de Matane supports several educational and community projects, as well as a major scholarship program, including that for the Gala of Success, which is awarded each spring. The main purpose of the foundation is also to raise funds and ensure proper management to promote the development and advancement of education, support research, foster innovation, meet the challenge of excellence, and provide more comprehensive services to the community to offer.

All photos of this year’s winners have been published in the album Gala des Réussites 2022 from Cégep de Matane .’s Facebook page

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