Ten scholarships awarded to Afghan students

University of Bremen

Ten scholarships awarded to Afghan students

In collaboration with the HERE AHEAD Academy, the University of Bremen offers ten scholarships. It is aimed at students who were unable to start or complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree in their country after the Taliban took power.

Even its name is a beacon of hope: the “Omid Farda” scholarship, which in Persian means “hope for tomorrow”, aims to offer Afghan students study prospects in Bremen. Because: Studying in Afghanistan has become almost impossible since August 2021.

University closures, forced dismissals and reprisals were and are the order of the day. Although the country’s major universities have resumed teaching since the beginning of the year, not all students have free access to university education again. Women, in particular, are still not welcome in universities or are systematically prevented from taking courses.

“With the remaining funds, we have the unique opportunity to be able to help students in need directly,” says Frauke Meyer, Chancellor of the University of Bremen, who initiated the Omid Farda scholarship. This concerns Afghans who were unable to begin or complete their studies under the Taliban. “Even though this is just a drop in the ocean,” continued Meyer, “we want to do the least we can to enable ten people who have found themselves in threatening life situations and who face dashed career plans through no fault of their own to study in Bremen.”

Criteria for applying for a scholarship

Bachelor’s and master’s students who choose a subject from the range of subjects offered by the universities of the Land of Bremen can apply. Linguistic and technical preparation takes place in the HERE AHEAD Interuniversity Academy. “A C1 level of German is also required to pursue a bachelor’s degree”, explains Dr. Christina von Behr, director general of the Academy. “These German lessons, intended for later studies, are part of the preparatory studies.”

In addition, participants receive (over)preparation of the subjects in order to make the transition to regular studies as smooth as possible. The scholarship covers the amount of an escrow account required for international students interested in studying (twelve times the maximum BAföG rate of 861 euros) and a travel allowance. Without such a scholarship, the visa for study purposes cannot be issued at embassies. “Students in Bremen and Bremerhaven will then have to support themselves,” says von Behr. “A non-functional banking system in their home country currently prevents students from opening such blocked accounts.” The scholarship application provides clear criteria: no more than 30 years old, last degree less than five years old, proof of previous studies or university degrees Academic results and presentation of current threat situation are required. In the event of premature unsubscription, the scholarship must be fully refunded.

The application period is from May 5 to June 5, 2022. Applications can only be submitted via the Academy website: https://www.aheadbremen.de/de/stipendien/Omidfarda.php

The Academy HERE AHEAD

The HERE AHEAD Academy is a joint institution of the five state universities of Bremen. It offers future international students with and without refugees programs to prepare for their studies at a university in Bremen. The offer includes language acquisition up to the necessary level C1 (CEFR), interdisciplinary seminars such as scientific work and intercultural training as well as professional preparation. Prospective students with an indirect qualification for access to higher education can start studying in the Land of Bremen after passing the entrance exam.

You can find more information at www.aheadbremen.de

Author: Mirja Uschkureit

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