The Cac 40 at an all-time high, driven by the S&P 500 record, Market News

The Paris stock market hit a new all-time high during the session, propelled by Monday’s S&P 500 record 69and This year. The explosion of infections with the Omicron variant did not hinder the “Santa Rally” (year-end rally) which appeared to be jeopardized in early December. While the new strain is highly transmissible and can evade some antibodies, it may also boost immunity against the Delta variant and reduce the risk of serious infection, according to a study published by two doctors at the Africa Health Research Institute, based in South Africa. Africa.

However, trading volumes remain limited: barely 700 million euros are traded on Cac 40 shares and mainly focused on balance sheet adjustments three days before the end of the year. The weakness in activity is also exacerbated by the absence of UK players while the London Stock Exchange is closed for Boxing Day.

No curfew

Around 2.30 pm the Bedroom 40 won 0.52% to 7,177.23 points after an all-time high of 7,187.76. The previous all-time high was reached on November 19 at 7,183.08. The index is currently gaining 29.3% in 2021, which would be its best annual performance since 1999 (+51.1%). the contracts future March on US indices gain between 0.2% and 0.5%.

The financial centers of the world seem to want to resist the rise of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, which appeared in South Africa at the end of November, and the change of course of the main central banks towards a tightening of their monetary policy. in an effort to curb inflation. France and the United Kingdom have refrained from imposing curfews or confinement for New Year’s Eve celebrations by promoting vaccination. Notably, Paris lowered the booster vaccination deadline to three months and mandated three days of telecommuting and recommended a fourth day from January 3. The collective catering group Sodexo bears the brunt of this announcement by yielding 1.3%. his competitor Elior fell by as much as 1.5% before the losses were wiped out.

Oil paratroopers in the spotlight

The oil services group CGG rise of 2.8% in the wake of the rise in the price of crude oil. The market continues to bet that demand will offset the disruptions associated with the Omicron wave. Vallourec lasts 3.2%, Technip Energies 1.9% and TotalEnergies 0.8%.

Biggest increase in the Cac 40, Veolia environment rose by 2.3% after reaching a new one-year record of EUR 32.55. The stock is now up 68% over the year.

Also note the record of Teleperformance (+1.1%), as well as that of Michelin (+0.5%), very well (+0.8%) and Schneider Electric (+0.5%).

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