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Cinema is considered the seventh art because it has a relationship with other arts such as painting and photography. You see, cinema aims to transmit art and culture through an industry that allows the creation of many jobs in all regions of the world.

Through the process of creating films, the cinema today has a very technical team that includes directors, photographers, screenwriters, among others. Actors, on the other hand, are the people who perform in a movie or play. Good acting is essential for the quality of the work to be performed and for the audience to identify with the characters in the story to be told.

Some examples of student autobiographies, can show how the life trajectory of some cinematography students and how they became famous. Autobiography is the genre that depicts the personal life of the author and must follow a pattern.

The autobiography of famous people is also very common in the film industry because it depicts in great detail the lives of celebrities they narrate, the famous “biography about me” when telling the story of the life of the person who wrote it.

In general, celebrity status is associated with wealth, while fame through entertainment is generally associated with celebrity status. With the attention of media like cinema, many people also become famous because the media pays attention to their lifestyle and wealth.

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There are many ways to tell a story. To be continued At a time when the biographical genre tells from the point of view of an author outside the story, autobiographical stories are written by the personality himself, bringing a more detailed look. It is essential that the ready autobiography template must be followed for the work to be completed.

When writing an autobiography of a famous person, the experiences are told from a unique perspective that can even serve as inspiration for our personal lives and even at work. As a lesson, an autobiographical text can emphasize the main thoughts and goals of the author of the work.

Well, the biographies of famous filmmakers around the world can hide curiosities. For example, how these people were introduced to cinema and what their backgrounds were. The actors that we see in the cinema were not always celebrities. Some of these stars may be the children of stars, however, several other celebrities started out with very ordinary jobs until they managed to rise to fame and stardom.

Brazilian film production

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Nowadays, cinema is one of the main means of entertainment for people all over the world and the films shown in the cinema are accompanied by millions of people, who go to the cinema or who also choose to watch the great films in the cinema. in the comfort of their home.

In the history of Brazilian cinema, there has been an increase in film exposure, since the production of Brazilian films has occurred along with the production of fiction films. For this reason, comedy and drama films have been released.

Brazil is one of the countries that produces the most television soap operas and there is even the export of Brazilian soap operas abroad. The beautiful natural landscapes allow Brazil to make both movies and soap operas with an excellent look.

How to write an autobiography is a doubt that many Brazilian directors and actors have and writing a work can be of great contribution to all Brazilian film culture, both nationally and internationally, with their works and memorable works reported by themselves. In this type of text, the author speaks about himself, recounting the most striking facts of his life or dwelling on a more precise experience.

At the beginning of the current phase of Brazilian cinema, it is necessary to refer to the difficult circumstances before these films achieved success and fame throughout the country.

However, there are many prejudices against national productions since people, most of the time, do not understand that art, in addition to having an objective of entertainment and leisure, also intends to deconstruct the norms of society. and provoke thoughts in the viewer.

Understanding national cinema as an identity of Brazil is linked to understanding the country as a nation. For this reason, it is essential to know the works of national cinema and, in particular, to understand it as a way of seeing and reflecting the whole world.

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