15-year-old receives a scholarship: A talent from the country came from Afghanistan to Tailfingen – Albstadt and surroundings

Raziye Diyana Mohammedi came to Germany from Afghanistan when she was nine years old and didn’t speak a word of German. She wants to graduate from high school in a few years. Photo: Kuster

In 2021, 53 students from all over the country were accepted into the “Talent im Land” program, or “TiL” for short – Raziye Diyana Mohammedi from Progymnasium Tailfingen is one of them.

Albstadt-Tailfingen – Raziye Diyana Mohammedi comes from Afghanistan; When she arrived in Germany with her mother and siblings in 2015, she was nine years old and did not speak a word of German. She is now 15, attends Tailfingen Progymnasium and aims for her Abitur. “Talent im Land” wants to contribute to this: the joint scholarship program of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, the Josef-Wund Foundation and the Menold-Bezler Foundation supports talented, hardworking and committed students, but on the have to overcome obstacles individuals to obtain their Abitur or technical college entrance qualification – for example, because they come from socially disadvantaged families or face disabilities resulting from an immigrant background.

Raziye also had to overcome obstacles – going to high school after finishing primary school required courage. She dared to do it anyway and didn’t regret it: classmates and teachers are like a “second family” for her. “They have always shown solidarity and supported me. No one is excluded here.”

Promoting children with talent and potential

Talent and courage do not remain hidden – at one point a teacher approaches Raziye and her sister and asks them if they have ever heard of “talent in the country”. The scholarship program supports socially disadvantaged children and young people from the seventh year until they leave school with 150 euros per month, which they can spend on educational purposes – for example private tuition or life lessons. music. They also receive invitations to seminars and workshops around the country, where they get to know other “TiLers” and broaden their horizons. However, this is enough for a scholarship not to mean being socially disadvantaged – decent grades, initiative and social streak are also in demand. Raziye is the representative of the class and active in the dance club, she is committed to climate protection and women’s rights “Because I come from a country where women do not receive the same treatment as men and are denied many opportunities.”

Raziye writes all this in her “TiL” app – then she waits. Her heart pounded in her throat when the email arrived; she does not dare to open it alone and waits to be returned. Together with her mother and Herbert Großmann, the (great) fatherly friend of the family, she opens the mail and reads “Congratulations!” Alongside her sister, she is now the second scholarship recipient in her family.

Special support for you and your family

Which makes Herbert Großmann particularly happy. He met nine-year-old Raziye at Café Asyl. She was “outspoken but brave”, he said, and immediately approached him to ask if he could help her with her homework. He did it – and more: over the years, he became his mentor – and made him a kind of grandfather. She also calls him “grandfather”.

After graduation in America

How does Raziye Diyana Mohammedi imagine her future? After graduating from high school, she would like to go to America for a while to study there. She doesn’t know exactly what yet, but she has a certain idea: “I want to try to help socially disadvantaged people and make their lives easier.”

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