Back to school at the University of French Ontario with students from all over the world | First term at the University of French Ontario

September 7 and 8 are welcome days devoted to integration, with activities, a visit to the campus, a meeting with professors, but also a presentation of life in Toronto. Classes start on September 9, also in virtual mode.

They introduced us to the programs [par cohorte], living in Toronto, the help they can give us at their level. Students know who is responsible in which department, for example housing that can supervise us, etc. says a new student, Andy Fodouop, who is in Cameroon.

For this first year, four baccalaureate programs and several micro programs are offered.

About 150 students study at theUOF This year. According to the rector of theUOFPierre Ouellette, 30% of the students come from Canada, the rest from abroad.

For many, therefore, it was a return not only in virtual mode, but also very far from Toronto.

Meeting with three students

It’s back to school but I’m not in Canada yet so if I have a denial of a study permit I don’t know what to do, is a little concerned about Andy Fodouop. However, he already has big dreams in Canada.

He is studying digital culture and hopes to become a web developer.

Create applications, platforms. The digital world is the world of tomorrow, everything is going digital.

A quote from Andy Fodouop, UOF student

I am going to do the courses online first, but in January it will be important to do the courses face to face, we cannot do withouthe thinks.

He received a $20,000 scholarship from theUOF to come to study. UOF, j’ai choisi cette option, aussi parce qu’il y avait un programme qui me plaisait plus”,”text”:”La bourse m’a beaucoup attirée, parce que les frais sont énormes. J’avais commencé avec un cégep, mais quand j’ai trouvé l’UOF, j’ai choisi cette option, aussi parce qu’il y avait un programme qui me plaisait plus”}}”>The scholarship really appealed to me, because the costs are enormous. I started with a cégep, but when I got theUOFI chose this option, also because there was a program that I liked morehe says.

All students in the 2021-2022 cohort will receive a scholarship to reduce tuition to $4,600 per year for Canadian students and $7,000 per year for international students.

Like Andy Fodouop, Moustapha Gaye is waiting for his college permit to land in Toronto. He is in Senegal and says he was attracted by the opportunity to continue his studies in French.

Training 100% in French makes it much easier to understand everything.

A quote from Moustapha Gaye, student at UOF

For Diane Eunes Segueda, who is in Burkina Faso, some connectivity issues caused her problems in the morning, but in the end everything went well, she says. This year she is studying for a bachelor’s degree in digital culture. He only needs his medical check before he can get his study permit and fly to Canada.

In the meantime they will all have to work at odd hours, sometimes at night, due to jet lag, but also with some connectivity issues. During the interviews, the sound was muted several times with certain interlocutors.

The campus is located in downtown Toronto and the finishing touches are still being made.

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