Brexit: the ten destinations that could replace your mobility in the United Kingdom

When the UK left the Erasmus+ program on January 1, other destinations are likely to open up to students wanting to learn Shakespeare’s language. L’Etudiant gives you a non-exhaustive list of countries that might convince you.

If for some students the UK remains the essential destination to learn English, keep in mind that European countries and members of Erasmus+ program where classes are taught entirely in English might as well. A brief overview.

The Republic of Ireland: the favourite

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Geographical proximity, incredible landscapes, rich and especially Anglophone culture… It’s hard not to mention the Republic of Ireland as a potential country to replace mobility in the United Kingdom. Unlike neighboring Northern Ireland, which is leaving the European Union, the Republic of Ireland will remain a member of the Erasmus+ programme. Moreover, with Brexit, the number of French students betting on this country is increasing (+1,100 mobility between 2017 and 2018 according to Stat ‘Erasmus +’).

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Germany: the serious competitor

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Germany for several years now offers many university courses entirely in English. Thus, students can take advantage of the quality of German education and institutions, while choosing courses according to their level of English.

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The Netherlands: cosmopolitanism above all else

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Although Dutch remains the official language in the Netherlands, English is also spoken by almost all Dutch people. A cosmopolitan country, especially in the capital Amsterdam, also offers great professional opportunities internationally. Even the rain can’t stop you…

The Nordic countries: academic excellence

Scandinavian countries such as Sweden are known for their academic excellence.
Scandinavian countries such as Sweden are known for their academic excellence. // © Adobe Stock/ frank peters

Message to nature and sports enthusiasts, the Scandinavian countries should please you! Known for their academic excellence, Norway, Finland, Sweden but also Iceland and Denmark are a good compromise. To know: Contrary to what it seems, the cost of living in these countries is lower than in London or Paris (according to The cost of the expat).

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Hungary: the student atmosphere

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More in the center of Europe, Hungary is attracting more and more French students. The opportunity to collaborate with a festive atmosphere in a country crossed by the Danube and where the cost of living is on average 38% lower than in Paris (depending on the costs of the expat).

Poland: the dynamics of the East

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The eighth most popular country for French Erasmus+ exchange students in 2018-2019, Poland especially has many assets a very good command of English† Lively and dynamic, Poland is becoming more and more popular.

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Austria: cultural wealth

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Austria is also trying to diversify by offering more English-taught courses. Nothing surprising in this, as the country, together with Poland, is under the best in terms of mastering the language of Shakespeare† Add to that a cultural richness and extraordinary landscapes that will seduce the last skeptics.

Malta: English as an official language

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From one island to another there is only one step, or almost: it’s not in the Channel but in the Mediterranean where you could put your bags. In Malta, English is one of the two official languages. It’s hard not to be tempted, but beware, places are expensive as the island only has one university.

The Baltic countries: the quality of research

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Go to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania! Especially for those who want to do research there. But the Baltic countries are also open to all students eager to discover a culture very different from France at affordable prices.

Belgium: the English requirement

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Sometimes there’s only one line to cross to find a shoe that fits. Academically demanding and excellent in EnglishBelgium can also offer you many internship opportunities.

As a reminder, if you want to go to an English-speaking establishment, you must first pass a foreign language certification, such as the TOEIC. Minimum levels are required depending on the country.

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