Emmericher Robert Kominek on track to master

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Robert Kominek on track to become a master

The 21-year-old completed his training at the Bröder butcher in Elten as the best in his field in the state. Salami, boiled sausage, Mettwurst, liver sausage, steaks – this is the world of Robert Kominek. Now he receives a scholarship to continue his studies.

A craft scholarship? Of course, the butcher Walter Bröder was aware of this possibility. “But I didn’t realize that even applied to all mates under 27 with a two rating,” he says. The guild recently brought this to the Eltener’s attention. After all, Bröder has a young man in the company who seems destined for higher things: Robert Kominek. Processing meat and sausages is the great passion of the young man from Poland.

“The butcher profession is simply incredibly diverse. I also find it exciting that you can see the results of your work yourself and hold them in your hands,” says Robert Kominek, who completed his training as a butcher last summer – as the best in the room in his specialty “ Preparation of dishes and the production of special meat and sausage products”. The young man from Emmerich finished his training with an overall mark of 2.0. Several certificates of honor from various associations then floated in the home.

“It was a perfect match with Robert from day one. We are very proud of him,” says Walter Bröder, butchery manager at Eltener Markt. In 2013, Robert Kominek came to Germany from Poland and is cleared his way with Bröder. Salami, boiled sausage, Mettwurst, liver sausage, steaks – this is the world of Robert Kominek. His career choice does not seem so exotic. After all, his father is a butcher in Eastern Europe. ‘Is, and the love of food seems to have been innate. “He just has a very strong interest in food. If he’s seen it somewhere and he can’t explain how it happened, he asks me the next day. That’s why we always have a little exchange of ideas in the morning, after which we get down to business,” says Walter Bröder.

The entrepreneur supported the 21-year-old as best he could in his training. “So far, we have managed to get all the companions to pass the exam. I think we prepare them well,” says Walter Bröder. Robert Kominek was one of the best interns he ever had, says Bröder. He would be incredibly passionate about his work. “He really sees everything, pays attention to detail. I particularly like tinkering with Robert on new creations,” says Bröder. Now he encouraged his employee to do the master’s degree in a timely manner. The plan is for the youngster to be completed by the summer of 2023.

Robert Kominek will begin his master’s degree in the fall, when the curriculum will include legal and business administration content. The future master goes to school in Essen. From March next year it will again be about craftsmanship. But the master school is associated with considerable costs, which is why many young professionals turn away from it, explains Walter Bröder. You have to reckon with costs of almost 8000 euros. But Robert Kominek is getting help from the Chamber of Trades because he finished the training with a high score.

“We are very happy that the scholarship and the master’s school have worked. Skilled trades have been complaining for years about a shortage of skilled workers in all sectors. We can therefore be particularly proud to train a youngster like Robert with us. Everyone would like to have it with them,” says Walter Bröder.

After all, young Emmericher has long been an important part of the company. “We’re glad he’s staying with us. In a business like this there are always give and take. You have to stick together, you have to meet at eye level. Robert has always done that, it’s is a really good guy. The boy has been part of our family for a long time,” says Walter Bröder.

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