Employment: UK faces ‘one of the worst labor shortages in the world’, fears of growth

Employment is doing (much) better in the UK. On this front, the outlook acceleration is the strongest in 20 years! So much so that the UK is “now battling one of the worst labor shortages in the world”. And it even threatens to damage the British recovery after Covid-19, the interim agency ManpowerGroup warns. “The easing of health restrictions” with the gradual reopening of pubs, restaurants, bars and hotels from mid-April “resulted in a spectacular increase in hiring intentions,” according to his research.

Many companies had to resign or saw some employees make a career switch after months of technical unemployment and gloomy prospects during several long, month-long months since March 2020. ManpowerGroup’s National Employment Outlook Index is at +8%, a six-year high for second. quarter in view of the third quarter and up 13 points over a quarter, the strongest in 20 years.

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The United Kingdom also shows the strongest growth in employment prospects in more than a quarter of “all countries in Europe except Ireland,” the study said. “Industries such as distribution, restaurants or hotels and bars, finance and business services are showing double-digit growth,” said ManpowerGroup, whose survey is based on a survey of 1,764 employers in the UK. “After the weakest 12 months in 30 years in terms of job prospects in the UK, employers are doing everything they can to return to normalcy and restore demand built up” during the lockdowns, said Chris Gray, Country Director at ManpowerGroup.

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In particular, sectors such as hotels, restaurants and pubs “had never seen such an uptick in hiring” and “employers are desperate for chefs, experienced waiters and sales assistants in stores, especially due to the post-Brexit staff shortage in many of these areas”.

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In addition to career changes during the confinements in the distribution and hotel sectors, Britain’s departure from the European Union since January 1 has created administrative complications that delay or discourage the arrival of many foreign workers, who relied heavily on distribution and catering.

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