Aïssatou Faye, daughter of the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening up, Mansour Faye, is reluctantly creating buzz on social networks. She had the misfortune or the recklessness or the naivety to lend herself to a television report about her activities on her father’s farm. Aïssatou has a small herd of dairy cows and, like other young people, wanted to share her little experience. She got a volley of green wood.

The platoon found no merit in him. On the contrary, she is alleged to have been guilty of the fact that her studies in the US were funded with “tax money stolen by her father” and that her activity was the result of “concealment of misappropriation of public funds”. His opponents did not want to know what the financial arrangement is behind his company, which is also still in an embryonic state. We’re not even trying to figure out what rent or support or support or facilities she could have benefited from. Her status as a minister’s daughter is enough to make her look like a vulgar recipient of embezzled government funds. We also did not try to find out through what process the studies of Aïssatou Faye were funded when there are sons and daughters of dignitaries or personalities close to Macky Sall who are pursuing advanced studies at the largest universities in the world, thanks to scholarships of excellence. that they owe only to their merits, to their brilliant academic results. As far as she is concerned, poor Aissatou Faye is not lacking in merit.

The first of his achievements, and undoubtedly the most basic, is that he has managed to complete a regular course at an American university. There are many of the sons and daughters of some of his critics who went to study in the US, Canada or elsewhere in the world and ended up returning without a degree or staying in their country of study. homeless and falling into certain forms of depravity. Many of these students are daughters or sons of fathers and/or mothers who have had to hold high public office. It is disgusting to recognize among the insults of Aïssatou Faye and her father certain personalities who nevertheless sent their children to study abroad while they were in public affairs. Another merit of Aïssatou Faye is that she has tried to take private initiative, to build something, to establish an economic activity in a sector that is essential for economic and social development.

Aïssatou Faye is one of the many young Senegalese who have returned to the country after having completed their studies and who have chosen to invest themselves in farming the land, in agribusiness, because they are aware of their duty to make a significant and decisive contribution to the development of their country. Mansour Faye’s daughter is said to have found a paid job in the public sector or even the private sector, which she wouldn’t care less about because she got a boost. It is as if the chance of the birth of a daughter or son of someone close to power in Senegal inevitably constitutes doom.

The emblematic examples of Amadou Sall and others

It’s almost a rule that when you’re in power, your loved ones aren’t entitled to anything. Indeed, every success, every initiative, every activity is suspected, watched, reviled, denounced. In reality, “the new porn is excited about having people”.

The French keeper of the seals, Eric Dupont-Moretti, was offended by the following formula when his statement of assets was widely commented on by his country’s media: “From transparency to voyeurism, there’s only one that doesn’t wallow in it.” We would like to refuse his lifestyle to one of the most brilliant lawyers in France, with an income of about 70,000 euros per month.This trend has spread to Senegal, where many of our businessmen have resigned themselves to not making any more investments or philanthropic actions. do or do not even accept public office, for fear of being ridiculed or of seeing their performance criticized No one is bothered by foreigners succeeding under our skies, but every effort is made to become the first compatriot to raise his head above the fray Self-hatred is our worst evil!

This is also how we see now, since the controversy Dubai Porta Potty (a network of African women who serve as sexual objects for wealthy people in the Arab Gulf countries), a seller of her body through a female entrepreneur or vacationer coming to Dubai. Mansour Faye’s farm is located in Bango, on the outskirts of SaintLouis, a city of which he is the mayor. It’s a farm that shouldn’t impress as it’s close to seven other farms of the same caliber, some of which are even bigger and better stocked. But we stigmatize Mansour Faye’s only orchard, which was nevertheless purchased on the same terms as those of his other neighbours. We remember that a few years ago the farm of Mansour Faye was incorrectly named, among other things, with Oryx gazelles, protected species and coming from a natural park. The orchard has an area of ​​less than 3 hectares.

Other Senegalese may be entitled to farms, second homes, but not Mansour Faye, even if he had a pedigree or social position that would naturally give him the means. Although in the same area of ​​the Senegal basin, there are farms of several thousand hectares, allocated by local councils to foreign people or companies, without scaring anyone. Like what should the Senegalese question his conception of national preference and his relationship with his fellow citizen. An emblematic case is that of Amadou Sall, the son of President Macky Sall. The boy has no right to anything and is suspected of everything. We lend him everything and every time it is determined that the case that used to be that of Amadou Sall was not in reality, we turn our backs and try to raise another hare who will turn out to be more later, but is only a figment of the mind . Amadou Sall had thought of setting up a project in the agricultural sector and he needed a land allocation of 150 hectares for his project.

The project was nipped in the bud because his father, the president of the republic, wanted to avoid the wrath of his opponents. Shocked by this situation, a friend of President Sall who tried to plead the case of Amadou Sall was answered by the head of state: “No, we are not going to say that he has benefited 150 hectares to carry out his project, but that he has 1,500,000 square meters, which causes unnecessary protests.” Too bad, but here’s a good example of the failure to show young people of Amadou Sall’s age the importance of tilling the land! So to improve his skills, President Sall’s son would have nothing better to do than to settle abroad or remain inactive. One wonders whether he would not also pass for the slightest position in a foreign company to “acquaintances” of his father. This is the case with many relatives of dignitaries of the regime.

For example, Minister Abdou Latif Coulibaly was suffocated to see his wife condemned to public distaste for landing a job in the Operational and Monitoring Office of the Emerging Senegal Program (Bosse), while Ms Coulibaly is equally qualified and competent. as her minister husband. Another personality close to President Macky Sall eventually asked his son to leave a position in a public structure to stop speculation. Such injustices are unfortunately legion.

These opponents who spit in the soup after leaving the table

It remains that the destroyers of Macky Sall’s regime seem no more virtuous to use public funds. In any case, they do not hesitate to take advantage of the advantages of the “system”. Do you realize that a parliamentarian rushing to harass Mansour Faye’s daughter has childishly borrowed the sum of CFA francs 38 million for funding offered by the Delegation for the Rapid Entrepreneurship (Der/fj)? That another presidential candidate, rejected by the filter of citizen sponsorship in 2019, saw each of his two daughters benefit from a 100 million CFA franc funding from the Der/fj; financing that has still not been repaid.

What about this virulent opponent of Macky Sall, who has raised several billion CFA francs from a public bank to finance a real estate project on a site, moreover graciously made available to his family by the state and who, according to experts , alone would have invested? a third of the loan in his project left today on the most beautiful part of the Dakar corniche and with his feet in the water! Excuse a little! So the promoter, who has not swallowed any equity in the project, has just offered to sell it, as it is, to some of my partners, at a price well above the credit amount. In the event that the transaction is unraveled, this trick allows the lucky one to repay his credit and collect a nice capital gain, fingers in the nose, and continue to play the paragon of virtues on social networks!

But if the bank happened to seize all or part of its funds for repayment, we would hear it screaming out loud, alleged persecution of a political opponent. We already see many politicians and other civil society personalities who will show him blind or social support to save him from the “tyranny” of the Macky Sall regime.

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