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For students and trainees in Germany there are numerous financial support programs during the training period. In most cases, however, these are not specifically themed and are aimed at a broad group of people. In addition to the well-known funding programs, such as the Deutschlandstipendium, there are also more and more specific supports for young people in the agricultural sector. We have put together a few programs for you that provide financial support and promote technical skills in the agricultural sector.

Overview of grants

Ferdinand von Lochow Scholarship: Each year, KWS SAAT awards scholarships to students engaged in the field of plant production and plant breeding. Students from the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of agriculture and agrifood as well as master’s students from the University of Halle-Wittenberg in the field of crops, agricultural sciences, animal husbandry and agronomy can participate. Master’s students from the University of Hohenheim in the field of agricultural sciences and animal husbandry can also participate. KWS supports scholarship holders with €500 per month for one year. A ten-month internship at a KWS grain site is also part of the funding. More information on this here.

Jeff Schell Scholarships: A grant for students and/or young professionals in the field of agricultural sciences who wish to implement special projects (internships, research work) abroad. Prerequisites for individual financial support are up to two years of professional experience, good grades and a concretely planned project with submission of a project plan and costs and confirmation from the host institution. More information here.

Helmut Claas Scholarship: Each year, the Claas Foundation awards four scholarships to students in agricultural technology, agricultural sciences, engineering and economics to support theses with a clear link to agricultural technology and agriculture. The four scholarship recipients will be supported for one year with monthly scholarships of €600 for first place, €500 for second place, €400 for third place and €300 for fourth place. More info here.

CLAAS Foundation Scholarship to create a master’s thesis on a topic along an agricultural production chain in the areas of “Farming 4.0”, “Digitization” or “New Business Models”. More info here.

Grants from Germany

LV Münster Foundation Scholarship: Since this year, students of the master’s program in agricultural economics at the University of Applied Sciences South-Westphalia have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the LV Münster Foundation. Students with excellent academic results at the baccalaureate who are also socially and politically engaged inside and outside agriculture are supported. In addition to funding totaling €6,000 for two years (€250 per month), students receive support from the foundation during this period. This includes, among other things, participation in course events as well as internships and various continuing education measures. More information can be found here.

Edmund Rehwinkel Foundation Scholarship for Master’s students with an agricultural or nutritional focus. High performing and socially engaged students with practical experience are supported in developing their soft skills and building a network within the industry. They are usually funded for over two years with €500 per month and seminars on topics such as leadership skills, personality and method training. More information on this here.

That VLI grant offers financial aid of €500 per month for one year. The scholarship year begins with the winter semester in October. Anyone who volunteers or is otherwise involved alongside their studies has a good chance of being invited for an interview. In addition to the financial injection, there is the opportunity to participate in VLI conferences and events and to establish contacts with leaders of VLI member companies from the agro-industry. It is also possible to organize internships or support for the master’s thesis. More information on this here.

Talented Vocational Training Foundation

Scholarship of the Foundation for the Promotion of German Agricultural Talent e.V.: Financial support for young professionals in the agricultural sector to enable them to pursue training activities. Applicants must not be older than 30 (in exceptional cases not older than 36) and must have passed their master’s or continuing education examination or diploma from a technical or agricultural school with at least “well “. In addition, participation in the federal decision on a professional competition in the agricultural sector and voluntary work in a leading position in an agricultural professional organization are included in the selection. The maximum funding framework is €750 for courses or seminars, €1,500 for internships and €3,000 for projects. Job-related continuing education measures are supported with a maximum of €2,250. More info here.

Karl Eigen and Dr. hc Dietrich Brauer Foundation Scholarship The Union for the Valorization of Oleaginous and Protein Plants (Ufop) supports diploma and doctoral theses with new scientific discoveries in the field of protein and oleaginous plants. Students and doctoral students from German and European (technical) universities whose performance and personal qualities are above average can become scholarship holders. Funding lasts a maximum of three years. The amount of financial assistance depends on the funds available. More info here.

Helmut Aurenz Scholarships: Students with above-average qualifications in the fields of agricultural, nutritional and economic sciences at the University of Hohenheim have the opportunity to receive financial support for a study/research project in another EU country lasting several months. This should serve as the basis for your thesis. Divisible grants of up to €5,000 are possible. More information here.

promotional rewards

Albrecht Daniel Thaer Promotional Prize: Graduates of Humboldt University Berlin with outstanding degrees from the Faculty of Life Sciences can apply for the award together with their thesis. This is intended to promote young scientists in the field of agricultural, horticultural and fisheries sciences. The prizes are endowed with €150 for the best bachelor’s degree, €250 for the best master’s or diploma, and €400 for the best doctorate. More info here.

Ernst Pelz Prize: The Central Marketing Network for Agricultural and Energy Raw Materials eV (CARMEN eV) annually awards this prize of € 10,000 for special merits in the promotion of renewable raw materials. More information on this here.

DGfZ Award for master’s and doctoral students as an award for publications with particularly interesting and cutting-edge results in applied farm animal science or veterinary medicine in farm animals. The work must not be older than one year. Master’s dissertations are rewarded at €500, dissertations at €1,500. More information on this here.

DLG International Award: Prize for young professionals aged 18 to 24 in vocational training. As well as young specialists with completed professional training and/or studies or continuing education for the most part completed up to the age of 36. People with good technical qualifications, voluntary commitment, open-mindedness and an interest in international cooperation are eligible for funding. The prizes are endowed with €2,500 for the junior prize and €4,000 for the advanced prize. More information on this here.

Wilhelm Rimpau Prize: In addition, the DLG rewards the three best innovative and practice-oriented bachelor’s and master’s theses in the field of crop production during the field days. The prize is €2,000 for first place, €1,500 for second place and €1,000 for third place. More information on this here.

Sponsorship award of the German Maize Committee e.V. for outstanding scientific and practice-oriented work on all aspects of maize cultivation. Prizes are awarded for coursework, final papers, or scholarly work that is no more than one year old. Winners must be technical college or university graduates under the age of 35. In addition, a statement of consent from the initiating institution is required. More information on this here.

Gerd Sonnleitner Award: Rentenbank honors young farmers under the age of 35 who volunteer to balance interests in rural areas. They are rewarded for their social commitment with an endowment of €3,000. More information on this here.

H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation: Prize for the best academic achievements in the field of animal and agricultural sciences by master/diploma and doctoral students at institutes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Annual prize of €500 for the best academic achievements and every two years a prize of €1,000 for the best thesis and funding of €10,000 for two outstanding scientific papers. More information on this here.

Max Eyth Young Talent Promotion Award: Financial support for students and doctoral students for continuing education projects by the VDI department of the Max-Eyth-Gesellschaft Agrartechnik. Outstanding theses in agricultural technology are rewarded with the young talent promotion prize. A justification for this measure must be provided when requesting continuing education assistance. In addition, a university professor must approve the additional training. Continuing education grants amount to a maximum of €1,500, the young talent prize is endowed with €600. More information on this here.

Hans H. Ruthenberg Graduate Scholarship: The fiat panis foundation honors qualified junior staff and their outstanding diploma/master theses in the field of food safety. This work should deal intensively with the development of agriculture and the fight against hunger in the world. People under the age of 30 with a German, Austrian or Swiss diploma receive a prize of €7,500. More information on this here.

Ufop Innovation Award for the particular quality and methodical approach of a student research project in the field of oil and protein crops, which leads to new scientific discoveries. Funding is provided up to €5,000. More information on this here.

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