Talent and Commitment – German Scholarships at Worms University of Applied Sciences, Worms University of Applied Sciences, press release

The Deutschlandstipendium aims to support students who, in addition to very good grades, are socially engaged and who have special social, family or personal circumstances.

This year, 26 high-achieving and committed students from the University of Worms were thrilled when they received their funding approval on November 24.

Scholarship holders receive 300 euros per month for their studies up to 2 semesters. Half of the scholarship amount comes from private sponsors and the other half from the federal government.

This scholarship is a great help for students. The extra 300 euros per month helps enormously in your studies. Whether the thesis is due and therefore there is no time left for part-time work or the acquisition of important literature is facilitated, a scholarship is always the right thing to do during your studies. And some jobs have been lost due to Corona, so the stock market is a huge support

Networking of sponsors and recipients

The Deutschlandstipendium is the largest joint public-private project in the field of education that has ever existed. The sponsors live a scholarship culture that secures Germany’s leading position in the long term. Half of the funding comes from the federal government and the other half from private sponsors, mainly companies, but also charitable foundations and associations.

During this year, 21 sponsors from the region supported the students by participating in the German scholarship. The direct contact between the sponsor and the fellow is an excellent opportunity to participate in each other. It’s more than just financial support, it’s a question of exchange. In this way, potential specialists can familiarize themselves with corporate cultures and entrepreneurs can establish contacts with the university. This in turn strengthens the area. With the Deutschlandstipendium, business and science are networked for the benefit of both parties.

Thank you to sponsors and high achievers

The award ceremony is a good opportunity for the university management to thank the sponsors, companies and other institutions which – most of them on several occasions – make it possible to support young people. In this way, sponsors and recipients had the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other. Acknowledgments are due to successful students who make outstanding achievements and to sponsors who demonstrate special social commitment with their contribution.

Sponsors in alphabetical order: Adolf Schuch GmbH Lichttechnische Spezialfabrik, Alumni Club Worms eV, Constaff GmbH, EWR Aktiengesellschaft, Fiege Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG, Förderkreis der Hochschule Worms e. V., Grace Europe Holding GmbH, Institute for Business Travel Studies e. V., Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz Foundation, Mainzer Volksbank eG, Massoth eK Internationale Spedition, MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG, Pfalz Alarm GmbH, PPI AG, Renolit SE, Rhenania Worms GmbH, Rowe Mineralölwerk GmbH, Schmidt Systemtechnik GmbH, SHE Informationstechnologie AG, Sparkasse Worms -Alzey-Ried, WIGOL Stache GmbH.

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