Student exchange: the Foundation is looking for candidates for scholarships

Student exchange: scholarship holders from the Foundation for International Understanding

The non-profit Foundation for International Understanding offers students support for their year abroad. The application deadline for 2022 is March 31, 2022


The interest of young people in student exchange is great even in times of Corona. From the summer of 2022, many schoolchildren will leave Germany for the rest of the world. The fees for the year abroad have increased significantly this year. In this context, the non-profit Foundation for International Understanding offers scholarships for the secondary school year. Applications are possible until the end of March 2022.

1 Scholarships help fund the school year

Going to secondary school abroad entails significant costs. Many families are therefore interested in funding through scholarships. Scholarships generally provide financial support for the costs of the year abroad. The requirements are specific to each grant. In “normal years”, scholarship sponsors are mainly providers in the student exchange market, which only award scholarships to their clients.

2 scholarships for the year abroad in times of Corona

Many exchange companies have suspended their exchange offers during the Corona period. Providers are therefore largely absent as sponsors in 2022/2023. This does not apply to independent sponsors such as the Foundation for International Understanding.

3 Off into the world grants from the Foundation for International Understanding

Whether the exchange student is traveling to the United States, Canada, England, Costa Rica, Denmark, or Japan, all prospective exchange students can apply for a scholarship from the nonprofit Foundation for International Understanding. All travel destinations deserve to be supported by the foundation. This means that young people can obtain funding for their year abroad independently of commercial providers and are not forced to accept a “second best solution” when choosing a provider.

4 The Funding Objectives of the Foundation for International Understanding

The International Understanding Foundation has the non-profit aim of promoting international exchanges of schools and students. To this end, it participates in UP IN THE WORLD domestic fairs, UP IN THE WORLD/online fairs, student exchange prize for schools and UP IN THE WORLD scholarships for student exchange.

5 Foundation for International Understanding UP TO THE WORLD Scholarship Funding for 2022/2023

The foundation announces five scholarships for students who wish to spend a year abroad around the world. The support includes a financial contribution of 2,000 euros as pocket money for expenses of young people abroad.

6 Requirements for the Foundation for International Understanding UP IN THE WORLD Grants for 2022/2023

Member of the foundation board Dr. Michael Eckstein: “The requirements are neither particularly good school marks nor the financial situation of the family, but the social and voluntary commitment of the pupils. Every commitment is also welcome, whether at school, in sports, in the social sector or in the emergency services”.

Other conditions are that the students go abroad for a full academic year and that the student exchange is done with a qualified and reputable exchange organization. These are the exchange companies that have received the 2020/2021 label from the foundation.

7 How Students Can Apply For UP IN THE WORLD Scholarships 2022

The Foundation has made forms and detailed explanations available to applicants on its website ( On the portal of the AUF IN DIE WELT there are reports of scholarship holders of the foundation as visual aids. The application deadline is March 31, 2022.

8 Foundation Scholarship Information and Application Tips

The International Understanding Foundation provides application guidance online at the UP IN THE WORLD portal and in person at UP IN THE WORLD national fairs. The next fair will take place on March 26, 2022 in Hamburg.

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