The rule that requires telemarketers to identify themselves is still not followed

One month after the entry into force of the rule requiring telemarketing to use mobile phone numbers with the prefix 0303, to allow consumers to identify the call and decide if they want to answer it, only 324 codes already registered with the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) have been activated.

“We felt a commitment from the companies to implement the rule,” Anatel’s certification and numbering management adviser, Secundino da Costa Lemos, told the Brazil Agency. “But we are still in the non-geographic code implementation phase.” He recalled that, although the use of the prefix became mandatory on March 10 for calls made from mobile phones, companies using landlines have until July 8 to comply with the new rule.

“We started with the mobile network, but most mobile services telemarketing active is still offered by fixed telephony platforms, whose migration deadline will only expire in almost two months, ”said the adviser, explaining that the regulatory agency does not have data to verify whether, with the obligation to activate the code for mobile telephone services, more companies call center started using fixed telephony to save time before adapting to change.

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Bank employee Adriana de Araújo Alves has this impression. By checking the cell phone call history, it is easy to see that since the end of February, the number of calls received from cell phones has decreased significantly, while the number from landlines has increased. Also, in the last month and a half, there is no record of a number starting with 0303, although it has blocked some mobile numbers used to offer products and services that it does not have. requested.

“There are a lot of numbers that I have blocked so as not to be disturbed. There were days when I received ten calls; day they called me on the weekend evening after 8 p.m. The most annoying thing is that when I’m at home and I don’t answer the call on my mobile, there are companies that call the landline that we have at home just to talk to the parents about my husband, who don’t have a cell phone,” the banker said. . She complained that whenever she needed to solve a problem with the call center from some service providers there was a long wait. “Now to deliver a service you’re not interested in, they’re quick and pushy.”


In addition to not knowing how to assess whether call center calls from landlines have intensified, Lemos says Anatel is still unable to specify how many combinations of numbers beginning with 0303 will be needed to accommodate all dedicated phones at the telemarketing active, after which identification becomes mandatory also for calls from the fixed network.

“The fact is that today we don’t know for sure how many numbers [de telefone móveis e fixos] are used for telemarketing. Precisely because before, there was no precise number to identify them. A company can use a number contracted by a common subscriber and will only be identified if and when its call volume attracts attention and is analyzed,” Lemos said, explaining that the offer reaches tens of millions of possibilities.

Allocation of the code 0303 to identify incoming calls telemarketing is provided for by Law No. 10,413, of November 2021. The objective of the measure is to reduce the number of unwanted calls for those who have a telephone. According to the standard, telecommunications networks must allow users to clearly identify the calling telephone prefix on the display of the devices. So the person can not only choose not to answer the call at that time, but also program their device to stop receiving calls from that number.

After June 8, if you receive calls from telemarketing numbers not identified by the prefix 0303 (either from the mobile network or from the fixed network), the person should contact their telephone operator and complain about the misuse of numbering resources for active telemarketing purposes, identifying the company and the number by it used.

Anatel promises to punish companies that do not follow the rule, by blocking phone numbers used inappropriately. To this end, it asks people who receive unwanted commercial calls from numbers not identified by the 0303 prefix to file their complaints.

“No public policy works without consumer participation. Therefore, we urge disgruntled people to call their telecommunications service providers and file a complaint. It is the obligation of these suppliers who program the networks to route the 0303 correctly, according to the purpose determined by Anatel. And to businesses telemarketing who want to use the network, ask the operator and use the 0303 prefix,” Lemos recommended.

According to him, “if the complaint to the operator is not enough, the consumer must contact Anatel by telephone 1331 or through the channels available on site from the agency and inform what happened and the protocol number provided by the operator.”


Anatel’s rule did not please the telemarketing. In December, when the regulatory agency announced that mobile operators would have 90 days to provide caller ID, and landline operators 180 days, the Brazilian Association of Teleservices (ABT) even asked that the measure be debated in order to avoid redundancies in the sector.

In addition, the companies point to the Não Me Perturbe platform, created by the telecommunications operators themselves and available since July 2019, as the most effective tool for customers who wish to block incoming calls. telemarketing and payday loan offers.

According to Conexis Brasil Digital, an entity that brings together telecommunications and connectivity companies, holders of 10 million phone numbers have already registered their data on the platform, blocking calls to offer credit and telecommunications services – because they are a self-regulatory initiative by the industry, the platform does not block calls from other lines of business, such as, for example, health plans or chain stores, even if the expansion of the service is at the study. “We are discussing with the operators the extension to all branches of the economy and there is already an order in this direction”, assured the advisor of the Certification and Numbering Department of Anatel.

Still according to the entity, the number of registrations represents 3.5% of the park of 284.9 million fixed and mobile accesses in Brazil. Conexis Brasil Digital guarantees that this measure and other self-regulatory measures have had positive effects, such as a drop in the number of user complaints. Since April 2021, complaints to Anatel have dropped by more than 20%. For the whole of 2021, complaints are down almost 25% compared to 2020.

Who wants to stop receiving calls from telemarketing of the two segments mentioned must fit directly into the site or via Procons across the country. The blocking occurs within 30 days of registration in the site.

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