Subsidized school places for German and English lessons from the first day of school at the private primary school Meridian

New principal Sonja Erdödy introduces the private Meridian Primary School in picturesque Grinzing

Vienna (OTS) For some children who will be in 1st or 2nd year in the 2022/23 school year will be attending elementary school (entry September 2022), there is a monthly grant of EUR 294. The tuition fees are thus considerably reduced and amount to only 498 EUR (12x per year). Support extends over the entire primary school period.

This scholarship is a unique opportunity for all children who wish to acquire multilingualism in order to be able to evolve successfully in the German-speaking and international environment during their life. Therefore, children should have the opportunity to learn at least two languages, German and English, at native speaker level. Meridian offers excellent conditions for this. The scholarship application can be submitted until June 5, 2022.

Are in financial and/or social need NOTHING Conditions for receiving the scholarship. Detailed information and requirements can be found at The managing director of the school’s provider body, Konstantin Dshajani, clarifies: “Financial and/or social need is NOT a prerequisite for receiving the scholarship. No financial proof is required. In addition to the formal criteria, what counts is the will and the motivation.

Meridian is a private, all-day primary school in Grinzing.

With the two languages ​​German and English from the first school day in class and in our free time, the non-denominational school in the heart of Grinzing can look back on a successful school year. The Vienna Board of Education has approved the use of the legally regulated school type designation Volksschule for Meridian and granted public rights.

This means for children at Meridian Private Primary School (if they pass) no entrance exam is required when transferring to a secondary school with a legally regulated school type (e.g., high school/AHS).

Finally, the path to a prosperous future was paved by taking over the management of the school from Mrs. Sonja Erdödy. When a highly qualified and experienced teacher, she was until recently Principal of the Theresianum Primary School for many years.

she had important part in the development, construction and success of the school she leads, from the (almost) founding to the granting of permanent public law and beyond.

Sonja Erdödy will continue to promote the implementation of the now recognized Meridian language concept, including a MINT focus.

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Meridian Grinzing Private Primary School
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