To resign! It’s making a pact with farce!

Rui Santos writes about what he considers ‘unacceptable’ and says the real ‘national champions’ were bullying and lack of courage

On February 11, FC Porto-Sporting took place, which resulted in sad events involving players, coaches, managers and “assistants” linked to the game’s promoter, in Dragão.

Some of these sad events happened inside the lawn and around its periphery and others in the garage area involving VÍTOR BAÍA, SÉRGIO CONCEIÇÃO, RUI CERQUEIRA and also the president of Sporting FREDERICO VARANDAS, who presented a participation trying to justify the urgency of setting up a process.

Regarding what happened in the garages, the committee of instructors concluded its report and recommended sanctions to BAÍA, CONCEIÇÃO and CERQUEIRA and now the disciplinary council, headed by CLÁUDIA SANTOS, will decide according to the penal frameworks framed in the observed and identified violations.

The country of football watched in Luz the match that made FC Porto the national champion and three months later what happened in Dragão in the match with the ‘lions’, very important for the definition of the accounts of the championship, and only after that, in the ‘garage case’, did the instructors’ committee refer the accusation to the disciplinary council (CD).

The CD will in the next few days (less than 15 on average) produce decisions.

They can tell us what they want, they can allege coincidences and whatever they want, always depending on the difficulties and the procedural maneuvers, but that is not “sporting justice”.

The season is coming to an end, we are one day away from closing the championship doors and about to hold the Portuguese Cup final, and the penalties will almost certainly be known after the end of the season.


It is clear that the so-called “big guys” are using law firms to compromise the speed of the process, but the Instructors’ Committee knows perfectly well that it is in agreement that there is no “sports justice”. .

However, an organ which does not honor the object of its existence, even if it is tacitly and formally subjective, has no raison d’être unless it feels at ease in its betrayals.


FERNANDO TORRÃO was chosen by the President of the League, PEDRO PROENÇA, and his management, replacing CLÁUDIA VIANA, who had completed his term.

The instructors committee is currently composed of ROGÉRIO OLIVEIRA, BRUNO SAMPAIO, SÉRGIO ROLA and FILIPA ELIAS and is unable to project the slightest image of efficiency, jeopardizing its own credibility.

It is not enough that these commissions feel comfortable complying with what they consider to be “timings” according to their regiment; consider, apart from the suspicion that they may be more or less aligned with a specific club interest, that they contribute to the distortion of the integrity of the competitions — since they contribute to the fact that the sanctions are carried out, partially or totally , during the shutdown – then they have no choice but to quit.

Otherwise, denounce the hoax and point the finger at whoever is sponsoring this hoax.

It is unacceptable!

Moreover, the disciplinary regulations project different realities: the FPF demands the fulfillment of sanctions during the competition; the League allows the period of suspension to run during the closed season.

This proves that clubs cannot have the power to approve, in their own name, this type of regulation.

And this is where the government should step in. But how, if the newly sworn in Secretary of State for Sports, JOÃO PAULO CORREIA, the first thing he did was to break all protocol logic at the start of his mandate?…

Disciplinary and arbitration bodies cannot have any dependence on the FPF and the League.

Disciplinary bodies must be ruthless against deviations from ethical behavior, no matter who it hurts. But for that, they cannot have any connection with the clubs.

Portuguese football needs an independent regulator. This way you will always be between coercion and intimidation and lack of courage.

This season, the real champions were intimidation and lack of courage.

And it’s absolutely unacceptable, especially when one realizes that reality is the result of failed institutions.

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