Brasileirão expands overseas broadcast and sees new possibilities for clubs – 05/12/2022

With a large number of foreign athletes and coaches, in addition to an increasingly high technical level, since the return of renowned players to the country, the Brazil Championship has attracted foreign attention.

In recent days, the company 1190, holder of the international marketing rights of the competition, concluded a contract for the exhibition in the Middle East, North Africa and Poland. Previously, the One Football platform had already guaranteed broadcasts. For clubs, visibility must allow new business opportunities involving international recognition, the production of diversified content and the possibility of attracting foreign brands to invest in the country.

– All the ways to make a strong championship interest us. And this diversification of transmissions is one of them. The Brasileirão is one of the strongest and most contested championships in the world and it is very good that it also has international appeal. I see it with excellent eyes and as a great way to win and enhance the club brand and the championship – says Avaí President Júlio César Heerdt.

Internacional president Alessandro Barcellos highlights the benefits of having the competition broadcast outside the country.

– In addition to allowing the engagement of assets on another continent, it adds advantages to the brands involved and to the sponsors in terms of marketing and visibility. It is a set of factors that add value to the football ‘product’ and in particular to the teams. We must be attentive to these movements, so that in the future we can increasingly improve our income with these new assets – emphasizes the representative of Colorado.

– It is very important for the appreciation of the competition internationally. The Brazilian Championship has evolved a lot in terms of organization and technical level, which is why I think this year’s edition will be very positive in these aspects. This process of selling international rights can soon bring new and good income to Brazilian clubs – says Cuiabá vice-president Cristiano Dresch.

Another president who makes an important point is that of Fortaleza, Marcelo Paz. According to him, there is a false feeling that Brazilian football is known all over the world.

– Known is the Brazilian team, our yellow jersey and big stars like Neymar. Brazilian football brands are not known worldwide compared to, for example, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Manchester City, among others. As our championship is broadcast in other countries, the world gets to know Fortaleza and all the clubs that participate. This can generate a new consumer market for teams, such as jerseys, licensed products, streaming platforms, social networks, among others. Currently, Brazilian football sells the artist, which is the player, but it does not sell the spectacle that is the game, and an initiative like this makes us start selling the spectacle.

Broadcasting matches abroad is nothing new in Brazilian football. Last season, Paramount+ moved all 380 Brasileirão games to the United States, with English narration, in an exclusive deal closed until the end of 2023.

At the time, the details were released in partnership with 1190 Sports, which merged with Global Sports Rights Management (GSRM), responsible for marketing Serie A international broadcast rights.

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Experts do weights

A specialist in innovation and new business in the sports industry, Bruno Maia points out that while international distribution represents progress, it will also require stakeholders to have a plan in terms of transparency and stability over the years.

– It is not a simple arrangement in a vast extended network that will make the Brazilian product interesting. This is only the beginning of a job, it takes time, it depends on the stability and clarity of the quality of the product, and Brazilian football still lacks a lot of it, even if its format is already well understood and established – warns Bruno Maia, a specialist in innovation and new business in the sports industry, partner at 14, a strategic content agency, and who launched the book and the course “Innovation is the New Marketing” in 2020.

Maia goes further and cites the positive example of the NBA as something that can serve as a benchmark for the national market.

– It must be understood that the championship is more important than the clubs to promote the product, and as it is well seen abroad, a team is chosen to support and benefit from this product. For example, as the NBA product is attractive, I chose the San Antonio Spurs to follow and feel more immersed in the emotion of following the championship as a fan and not just as a spectator. This is the great difficulty encountered by Brazilian football. It takes time, discipline, insight, product promotion. These are some of the factors which, when done well, can pique the interest of people abroad.

In the opinion of Fábio Wolff, of Wolff Sports, a sports marketing agency specializing in the search for sponsors, the novelty is a good deal as long as it is well tied up by the broadcaster.

– The transmission of matches of the Brazilian championship abroad can increase the interest of foreign brands, provided that this broadcasting is obviously done in such a way that the images of the matches arrive frequently and are well broadcast. It was a problem that we had due to the fact that the Brazilian championship was little seen outside the country and since this competition of which a foreign company bought the rights, it endeavored to increase the distribution channels. If it increases, it is very likely that we will have a request from foreign companies interested in the championship.

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