Corpus Christi holidays are a good option to have fun and rest

REST AND FUN: Corpus Christi Holiday offers excellent destination options for you to enjoy with family and friends. Photos: Advertising

The gate roads separate destinations for you to enjoy with your family between June 3 and 6. Choose your best route and have a good trip!

The feast of Corpus Christi is approaching. And with it, the opportunity for you, your family and friends to enjoy some well-deserved rest and recreation. It will be four days, between June 3 and 6, to enjoy the many attractions that different cities offer, relax, discover new places, connect with nature and even participate in events related to this important date for Catholics. Summit Hotels resorts have special promotions for these vacations to travel alone, with friends or family.

Aparecida do Norte – Comfort and religiosity

Site of the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, the largest Catholic basilica after the Vatican basilica. Place of thanks and prayers, the city offers contemplative walks, the main ones being the visit to the image of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, patroness of Brazil, the old chapel and the exuberance of the current construction. During a religious holiday like this, the festivities will be multiple, respecting the protocols in force; and the best place to stay is the Summit Hotel Porto Real, with balconies in all apartments and one hundred meters from Porto dos Milagres, where the image of the saint was found. The address is Av. Itaguaçu, 2850. For more information, call (12) 3105-3328.

NORTHERN APARECIDE: Destination of the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora Aparecida hosts the Summit Hotel Porto Real, with balconies in all apartments and one hundred meters from Porto dos Milagres.

Arujá – Mountain climate near the capital of São Paulo

Those looking to spend a holiday enjoying the peace and tranquility that only the countryside can provide, Arujá has the right destination. With tree-lined avenues and benches in the squares, time seems to pass lazily. Thirty minutes from Guararema and Mogi das Cruzes, it is an excellent place to stay and for day trips in the surrounding area. Summit Hotel Arujá has the best infrastructure and service excellence in town. The hotel is located on Rua Bogotá, next to Via Dutra (BR-116).

Caldas and the miraculous waters of Pocinhos do Rio Verde, in Minas

Known for its spa and for the Biscuit Party, which takes place in July, it is a destination to enjoy with the whole family at Summit Concept Pocinhos. It is the oldest hotel in Brazil, with all the charm of old hotels, added to a modern structure, with many green spaces and various entertainment options for all ages. Summit Concept Pocinhos is located at Av. Rio Verde, 3428, in Caldas (MG).

Caçapava between beaches and mountains

Strategically located between Caraguatatuba and Campos do Jordão, access to either of these destinations takes just over an hour. It is ideal for those looking for alternatives during the holidays, being able to spend a day in the mountains and another at the beach, and also enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, playground, gym and from the restaurant of the Summit Granvale hotel, located on R. João Benedito Moreira, 40, Chácaras Germana neighborhood.

Cold, fondue and chocolates, in Campos do Jordão

Considered one of the most romantic destinations in São Paulo, it is also an important gastronomic route due to the diversity of its restaurants and the many craft beer factories. There is no shortage of city excursions, options range from cable cars to horseback and tricycle tours. The typical cold of the mountains is an invitation to revel in the local chocolate shops. To enjoy all that the city has to offer, nothing better than staying at the Summit Suites Hotel Campos do Jordão, located at Rua Comendador José Schafer, 559, in Alto a Vila Inglesa, a privileged location, with panoramic views and close to of the main local tourist attractions. .

Paulista Waterfall near Canção Nova

A place to connect with the sacred, especially during this very important feast for Catholics around the world. Canção Nova, which follows the line of the Charismatic Renewal, is located in the city, which also houses the shrines of the Father of Mercy, Santa Cabeça and the Capela de São Bento. The iron bridge of the old RFFSA and the Central do Brasil station of 1887 are historical sites worth visiting. With two apartments suitable for PNEs, the Summit Hotel do Feijão offers comfortable rooms with excellent service.

Guarulhos and Cantareira State Park

The city offers several parks for strolling and for a direct connection with nature, with an emphasis on Cantareira State Park, where in addition to trails and waterfalls, there are romantic restaurants with huge windows to contemplate the view, serving everything from fondue to Portuguese cuisine and noble meats. Ten minutes from the international airport, in the central area of ​​Guarulhos, is the Summit Hotel Mônaco, at Rua Diogo Faria, 137. An alternative also for those who leave or enter São Paulo via the international airport.

Rural tourism and fruit, in Jundiaí

Close to the capital São Paulo, the city offers several routes linked to rural tourism, where it is possible to meet winegrowers and their vineyards, experience a day in the “roça” and enjoy rustic cuisine. Anyone who visits Jundiaí cannot fail to try the coxinha cheese, the town’s hallmark. Summit Hotels offers three excellent accommodation options.

– Summit Center Park in Jundiaí is 4 kilometers from the bus station, at Av. Jundiai, 300.

– Summit Hotel Serra, near the main access interchange to the city, with the comfort of a 4-star hotel. Avenida Comendador Gumercindo Barranqueiros, 80.

– Summit Millian Hotel, located in the central area, on the main avenue of Jundiaí, next to Shopping Jundiaí, on Av. July 9, 2681.

Lorena and Cunha

Lorena is a famous destination for its bars and only 57 km from Cunha, known for the beauty of its lavender plantations and its ceramic workshops. To stay in town, the best option is the Summit Dom Apart Hotel; located in the city center, with rooms with a seating area, it is ideal for those traveling with the family. The address is R. Don Bosco 237.

Train and nature, in Pidamonhangaba

Neoclassical mansions, historic farmhouses and Pico Itapeva, with 1,856 meters above sea level, await tourists who choose to spend peaceful days in this welcoming town that is part of the Mantiqueira Paulista tourist circuit. One of the biggest attractions is the 2-hour train ride from town to Piracuama station at the base of the mountain. To enjoy all this, nothing better than staying at the Summit Suites Pindamonhangaba, a four-star hotel with all the comforts that visitors deserve. The hotel is located on Av. Dr. Francisco Lessa Junior, 2385.

PINDA: Summit Suites Pindamonhangaba it has comfortable suites and is considered a four-star hotel. The address is Av. Dr. Francisco Lessa Junior, 2385.

AMAN Museum, in Penedo and Resende (RJ)

In the city, the AMAN Military Museum is one of the most visited places. Just 19 km from Itatiaia and Penedo and 40 km from the charming and typical Visconde de Mauá, it is the ideal place to explore the surroundings. Waterfalls, trails and peaks are other options for tours. The Summit Montese Tower Hotel is a benchmark among hotels in the area, including an indoor art gallery, where local artists exhibit their works.

A MAN: The AMAN Military Museum is one of the most visited places and is located 19 km from Itatiaia and Penedo and 40 km from Visconde de Mauá. In Resende, the option is the Summit Montese Tower Hotel, a reference among the hotels in the area.

Boiçucanga, on the north coast, in São Sebastião

For those who think vacations should be on the beach, Boicucanga is one of the most beautiful on the north coast. It is located in São Sebastião, where Summit Hotels is present with the Summit Beach Hotel Boicucanga. Qualified as a “feet in the sand” hotel, it is one of the 10 most valued hotels in TripAdvisor in this destination, and always has the possibility of a delicious swimming pool. The address is Rua Hilarião Crisologo Mattos, nº 183.

SAINT SEBASTIAN: Qualified as a “feet in the sand” hotel, the Summit Beach Hotel Boicucanga is among the 10 most valued in the TripAdvisor to this destination.

Taubaté, typical of the interior

The town has the typical tranquility of the countryside, ideal for those looking for a vacation away from the big urban centers. The Caipira and Pedra Grande waterfalls are good options in the heat, and a visit to Mazaropi and the Natural History Museum is essential, as is the Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo and the famous Italian settlement of Quiririm. With quiet apartments, outdoor pool, sauna, fitness center, VIP room, reading garden and restaurant, Summit Suites Taubaté is the right accommodation option, located at Av. Independência, 3249, less than 500m from Via Dutra (BR-116). The contact phone number is (12) 3609-8000.

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