Find out which are the most anticipated phones of 2021

The year 2020 has been quite atypical in all areas, with the new coronavirus pandemic disrupting plans and postponing certain projects. But the necessary social distance to which we have been subjected has not so much delayed technological progress, and we can still expect some novelties for 2021 that are on the horizon.

However, it is good to keep in mind right now that we are not expecting a lot of amazing news in the mobile phone sector. It is very likely that most companies will only bring the new generations of their models already announced this year and previous years, with improvements and one or another new feature.

Even so, it’s worth checking out the list of the most anticipated smartphones of 2021 below. Of course, many of them may end up arriving with a different name, but the idea is to highlight what we can expect in the next generations of the lines we already know, in addition to seeing some new bets.

Galaxy Z Flip 2/3

The Galaxy Z Flip should have an even better successor in 2021 (Image: Canaltech)

The successor to the Galaxy Z Flip is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2021, with a few small upgrades to an already awesome “makeup bag” style foldable phone. There are still few rumors about the device, and among the bets that have already been launched there is a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and an external display up to 3 times higher than that of the first generation. The name can also be Galaxy Z Flip 2 or Z Flip 3.

Galaxy Z Fold FE

The Galaxy Z Fold range is expected to get a more affordable version next year (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

When we talk about Samusng, we can expect great novelties in foldable screen phones for the next few years. The company is already betting on models in which it can still bring a lot of different things from now on, instead of just improving on what has worked over the last decade.

The Galaxy Z Fold line promises a lot of new things for 2021, according to rumors. Perhaps the most anticipated is the FE model, which is said to be the most affordable Z Fold 2 and built with what “fans have asked for”. What’s exciting is that the foldable technology is starting to hit a larger share of users, but it’s not yet clear what cost cuts Samsung would make on the model.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3, in turn, could be the first model of the brand to integrate a selfie camera under the screen, in addition to having a thinner and lighter design, a characteristic possibly shared with the Z Fold FE .

Motorola Edge 2 and Moto G ‘Nio’

There’s still not much information on the successor to the Motorola Edge (Image: Playback/PhoneArena)

Little is known about the successor to the Motorola Edge, and there aren’t even rumors that the manufacturer will keep the line for next year. It is certain that the company will have a high-end mobile phone with the recently released Snapdragon 888.

Motorola confirmed at the Snapdragon Tech Summit that it plans to launch a Moto G powered by the Snapdragon 800 series next year. It’s been rumored to be the device codenamed Nio, which would still have a Snapdragon 865 and sport a different refresh rate than all the other models, at 105Hz. But rest assured there’s a model with Qualcomm’s latest premium chipset in development in the company’s aisles.

Motorola Razr 2

Motorola is preparing the second generation of its Razr (Image: Canaltech)

The second generation of foldable devices from Motorola are also expected to hit the market in 2021. The name Razr 2 is not official yet and there is little information about the device. According to DSCC Executive Director and Display Analyst Ross Young, not much will change when it comes to the screen, with the 6.2-inch internal and external display also similar to the first-gen model. The good news is that this should help bring down the starting price of the phone.

iPhone 13

Apple will likely keep four iPhone models in 2021 (Image: Handout/Apple)

Like it or not, the next generation of cell phones from Apple is still one of the most anticipated of the year. Little is known about the alleged iPhone 13, and one of the few rumors only talks about the possibility that a 1TB storage version will finally be offered by Apple. Otherwise, little change can be expected as the folks at Cupertino have adopted a strategy of not changing too much in the winning team.

Xiaomi Mi 11

Supposed Xiaomi MI 11 (Image: Playback/Digital Chat Station/Weibo)

Xiaomi’s long-awaited new flagship has already been confirmed as one of the first to release with Snapdragon 888 during the Snapdragon Tech Summit. The successor to the Mi 10 is expected to bring support for 55W charging and improvements to the processor and cameras, primarily.

Moto G10

The Moto G10 Play would put the fingerprint sensor to the side (Image: reproduction/OnLeaks)

Not much is known about the Moto G10 range, not least because the G9 arrived recently. A purported image of the Moto G10 Play appeared on the internet in early November, with a very similar look to the G9 Play, except for the fingerprint reader, shifted to the side.

The fact is that updates to the Moto G line are always highly anticipated, and it won’t be any different with the next generation, the first rumors of which should start appearing soon.

Redmi Note 10

The Chinese Redmi Note 9 could launch as Redmi Note 10 globally (Image: Handout/Xiaomi)

There have already been rumors about Xiaomi’s most popular mid-range line – and one that rivals the Moto G here in Brazil. Ultimately, it looks like these were the models that ended up being released as the Redmi Note 9 in China, with 5G support and all. We do not exclude the possibility that the company will globalize these devices under the name of Redmi Note 10. But, until some official information appears, anything can happen.

LG “Project B”

Finally, we have the possibility that roll-up screens will hit the market next year. Of the many companies that have already confirmed they have such a project, LG seems to be one of the closest to releasing one of these phones in 2021. There is still no official name for the device, which has been internally called Project B and is part of the same line of Wing mobile phones with a rotating screen launched this year.

Of course, there are several models expected by fans of different brands. The Galaxy S21 is definitely the favorite of many people, along with the OnePlus 9 and the long-awaited top of the range from Nokia, which was not released in 2020. But here in this list, we try to focus on phones with some novelty or which are very popular with fans.

And what do you think is/are the most anticipated smartphone(s) of 2021? Leave your impression in the comments.

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