How are innovative technologies changing the behavior of bettors?

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As in various sectors of society, the betting sector has become dematerialized.

The advent of online betting, first via websites and more recently via downloadable smartphone apps, has revolutionized the way betting is done and attracts millions of gamblers.

despite odds and the offers of each betting site have not changed drastically with the addition of mobile betting, the way people access and place bets has changed a lot, because in addition to allowing each of us to bet from anywhere in the world, apps are a more condensed and intuitive version of betting sites, making the whole betting process simpler and easier for the user.

This mobility of online betting has ended up making an important contribution to the growth of the sector in our country, like the statistics on online gambling that the Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) publishes quarterly.

According to the entity that oversees and regulates online gambling activity in Portugal, in the first nine months of last year alone, the total number of players, i.e. those who made at least a bet on games of chance or on online sports betting, exceeded 2 million (2,075), i.e. 743,000 more bettors than in the same period of 2020 (1,332).

As we mentioned, the mobility offered by betting apps has been important for the growth of the sector in Portugal, but many other technologies, some of which are not yet available in our country, are changing the face of the experience. from Paris.

Sporting: first club in Europe to adopt the Phygital experience in sports betting

Online sports betting is, according to SRIJ data, the category that attracts the most bettors in Portugal thanks, above all, to the Portuguese passion for football.

Now, through a partnership with online sports betting company Betano and 4YouSee Arenas, Sporting has begun allowing anyone who visits Alvalade Stadium to see real-time match odds on the pitch’s digital lines – until – date quotes for a given event to take place – while it is happening.

This phygital experience, which in practice corresponds to the union between what happens in the matches organized at the green and white stadium with the wide choice of odds available to bet on the Betano digital platform, aims to bring elements of our routine of increasingly digital, for experiences in the physical world.

Digital payments via e-wallets and SEO offer greater speed and convenience to bettors

If the phygital experience promises to be the future of online sports betting in Portugal and Europe, digital payments and the birth of so-called e-Wallets, such as Apple Pay or the “old” PayPal, and their integration with bookmakers’ websites and apps is a reality that has made the betting experience not only more convenient, but also faster.

It is important to highlight, in this aspect of digital payments, the growing importance of Blockchain technology in the field of transactions involving online sports betting, one of the few online services to have adopted the ideal of virtual currencies. as a method of payment.

Although in Portugal no operator has the legal authorization to include cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, the truth is that several betting sites around the world already integrate blockchain technology on their servers, allowing bettors to make and receive payments 100% anonymously. .

Digital payments within the framework of online betting turn out to be just the tip of the iceberg to improve the betting experience.

In the world of online betting, competition is fierce and customers are demanding. Before choosing one or another bookmaker, the bettor, among other things, compares the offers and checks the odds, possibly choosing the site on which he will place his money.

Take a look at what is happening in the Portuguese online betting market. The proliferation of sites such as betting which offer experimentation bonuses and detailed analysis on online bookmakers licensed in Portugal, such as Placard Online, ESC Online or, and which help create a bettor more informed, therefore more demanding .

Hence the growing importance that the most diverse online bookmakers place on optimizing their websites and applications for search engines and mobile devices, because whoever wins this “online optimization war” will gain visibility, customers and eventually dominate the market.

Live betting, virtual reality and augmented reality: the technologies of the present with the future

The possibility of betting live or “on the spot” in the sports competitions that we follow is one of the technologies that has the most impact on the behavior of bettors.

In practice, so that bettors can take advantage of so-called “live” betting, online bookmakers use algorithms and teams of betting specialists to calculate, live, the odds of the games so that they can bet on a wide specter of paris. the great variability of probabilities.

Live Bets are joined by two other technologies which, although still in their infancy, promise to revolutionize the betting industry and the bettor experience.

We talk about virtual reality and augmented reality, two future trends that, in addition to the importance of the gaming experience itself, can give rise to totally immersive game rooms, which can be transferred from the computer or from the cell phone to the real world. .

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