Meta Quest Gaming Showcase brings a host of exciting games to VR

Today is a day of good news for owners of Meta Quest 2 (or Oculus Quest 2, the old name of the device) and PC VR enthusiasts: Meta hosted this year’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase and unveiled several virtual reality gamesl promising titles coming to both Quest 2 and PCVR, which include Chapter 2 of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Ghostbusters VR, Moss: Book 2Mercenary mode for Resident Evil 4 VR and even a trailer of bone labthe new game from Stress Level Zero and creator of Boneworks (one of the best VR games to date).

If you are one of the fans of virtual reality games or if you have been interested in gaming with technology and intend to acquire a device in the future, come and see the 12 announcements that Meta brought to you today today. And the last good news is that all the titles below are coming between 2022 and 2023. To verify:

Ghostbusters VR

Developed by nDreams, the same creator of Ghost: Covert Ops and fracture, Ghostbusters VR promises to put us as one of the Ghostbusters in virtual reality with up to three other friends, mixing a good dose of fun and ghosts in an original campaign. Unfortunately, there is still no definite release date for the game.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

For those who already have an RV, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is one of the essential games to have on the platform. Chapter 2 will bring new areas of New Orleans and new dangers for plague players to explore – and of course, new moral choices that haunt our minds.

in the trailer for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, we see that the city will have a much larger amount of zombies and a new weapon, the chainsaw. The game is expected to arrive in 2022.

bone lab

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated games for any VR enthusiast. Stress Level Zero, also known for being the developer of frameworks (currently one of the most impressive virtual reality games), announced that bone lab is coming in 2022. The game seems to bring more different storylines but still the same awesome interaction with any storyline element and advanced object physics.

Watch trailer :


Have you ever wanted to take your passion for the NFL and the sport to the next level? NFL PRO ERA will bring the game of football to virtual reality. In addition to executing tactics to win the game, you will also play the role of one of the athletes, running, making touchdowns and eliminating opponents. The game does not yet have an official release date.

Among us VR

Announced for PSVR at TGA 2021, Among us VR will also come to Meta Quest 2 and PCVR. If you’ve ever wanted to point the finger at the traitor’s face in Among us, now you can literally do it. Bringing the same dynamic as the console and mobile game, you have to perform tasks on a ship to keep it from exploding – but there are infiltrators who will try to get in your way.

Schell Games, the developer of the game’s VR port, revealed that Among us VR arrives at the end of 2022 and has other projects planned for the future.

Red Matter 2

If you like stunning graphics and a mysterious adventure full of puzzles, Red matter 2 This is a game to watch. Following the events of the first game, the player must explore different places in the solar system and unravel mysteries.

Red matter 2 should arrive mid-2022.

exhale 2

Does being a spy full of gadgets to defeat bad guys sound appealing to you? exhale 2 is the sequel to the famous Espire 1: VR Agentin which we control a secret agent who can always opt for the chaotic, gun-filled approach or choose to go unnoticed by enemies (which includes rendering enemies with voice commands).

In the story, we will have to stop an operation capable of launching an ultrasonic missile that can end the world, but here is the good side: it is possible to play the whole campaign in cooperation with another player. Since this is a virtual reality game full of shooting and stealth, you have several very fun tools to use in VR. exhale 2 arrives in 2022.

Moss: Book II

Here’s another PSVR hit that’s also coming to Quest 2 and PCVR. Moss: Book II is the sequel to one of the most suitable games for all virtual reality audiences. In the adventure, we control Quill, a mouse who must explore magical kingdoms to defeat a winged tyrant. The big highlight of the game is the unconventional approach that mixes VR and isometric platformer with mastery.

Moss: Book II is coming to Quest 2 and PCVR in mid-2022.


He seems to have a Sword Art Online in real life is getting closer and closer. RUINSMAGUS is a JRPG in VR, something very rare to see, in which we must venture into a campaign full of monsters and magic. What’s cool is that the game will have multiple side quests and Japanese dubbed voices to enjoy the story.

RUINSMAGUS is coming in 2022, but no date has been set.

Cities: VR

Although not new, Cities: VR is one of the promising virtual reality games in 2022. Even though it’s not exactly a direct port of City skylinesyour role here is the same: manage a city in a similar way, but even more complex than in games of the genre, like SimCity.

Cities: VR arrives at Quest 2 on April 28.

Beat Saber: Electronic Mixtape

Even if you don’t have a VR device, you’ve definitely heard of the iconic beat the saber (also known as “Lightsaber Guitar Hero”). Also in 2022, the game will win the Electronic Mixtape package, which includes electronic music from artists such as Mashmello, Pendulum, and deadmau5.

Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries

Without a doubt, Resident Evil 4 VR is one of Quest 2’s great exclusives (as well as one of the most fun games on the platform). Now, the VR version of the game will bring the Mercenaries mode for free, bringing the mini-game of killing opponents in the shortest possible time. And, in addition, the developer will always bring new content to the game.

Among them are several challenges made exclusively for the VR version, new modes (like playing the campaign in black and white, activating a code for monsters to have big heads, and even gold weapon skins). The update is coming in 2022, but no date has been set.

These are the 12 announcements from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022! Which did you prefer? It’s worth remembering that all the announcements are coming between 2022 and 2023, but not exclusively the only games promised for the platform, as a VR version of GTA San Andreas is expected to arrive in the future.

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