Pedro Frazão continued by Louçã: “I simply reproduced what was news”. True or false?

The newly elected deputy of Chega for Santarém says he limited himself to reproducing “what exists in the press” to, on Twitter, accuse the former coordinator of the Bloco de Esquerda of being “advanced by the BES”, which earned a trial in court. . Frazão also regrets that the long delays of justice for the common citizen do not apply to “political processes”. It’s true?

Pedro Frazão, who began this Wednesday to be tried for having written on Twitter that Francisco Louçã was on loan from Banco Espírito Santo, declared, at the entrance to the judicial court of the western district of Lisbon, that he “simply reproduced this what was the news”.

“What I wrote on Twitter is the result of what exists in the press”, added the deputy of Chega, referring to two articles published on November 3, 2019 in the magazine Sábado and Jornal Económico.

Both articles are titled “Ricciardi accuses Louçã of ‘flattering’ Ricardo Salgado” and both quote an opinion piece written by José Maria Ricciardi titled “Louçã, the four faces of arrogance”, a response to a previous column by the former leader of the Bloco de Esquerda, writes in the newspaper Expresso about a work by Diário de Notícias, which reports how Ricciardi, head of BES Investimento and using at least four telephones, “surrounded the government” to condition the privatization of EDP and REN.

In response to Francisco Louçã, José Maria Ricciardi wrote that the economist and commentator was trying to “correct the course (…) in search of the benefits of any public investiture” and that “the time is over when he flattered the ‘ owner of it all,” when a mere word of censorship carried the burden of disapproval,” referring to former BES leader Ricardo Salgado.

“Why is he not recognized as having the slightest critical voice over the direction of BES, at a time when, to do so, he required courage and verticality?” asked José Maria Ricciardi in 2019, pointing out that “the four faces of Louçã unite each other “if to implore the reward.”

It is on the basis of these two articles in the Jornal Económico and the magazine Sábado that the current deputy for Chega says he wrote that “Francisco Louçã received an Avança from the Banco Espírito Santo. This bank, in addition to paying obscure bonds, was a major donor to the BE! This is too serious to ignore!!

It turns out that neither of these articles, nor Ricciardi’s opinion piece, claim that Loução ever received a payment from BES. There is no news where this is mentioned. Yes, you can find old news in which Louçã criticized Ricardo Salgado in Parliament.

In December 2021, as CNN Portugal moved forward, Francisco Louçã filed a special procedure for the protection of personality for direct and unlawful offenses committed against the right to honor.

the fast process

The legal mechanism of the special personality protection process for direct and illegal offenses does not presuppose the payment of compensation and is faster, as lawyer Telmo Semião explains to CNN Portugal, noting that it does not involves no investigation by the public prosecutor and the police. “This is a stand-alone, special process that is intended to bring the matter to an end, in this case, to assess whether or not the post should be taken down.”

This procedure is enshrined in Articles 878 to 880 of the Code of Civil Procedure and has “the purpose of protecting personality rights, namely the right to name, image, honor”, adds the lawyer. .

In the same vein, the fact that this is the type of civil lawsuit filed can respond to the accusations made this Wednesday by Pedro Frazão who, at the door of the courthouse, pointed out that it was of a “political process” and implied that it had precipitated the speed of justice. “It’s extraordinary that in Portugal so many people are waiting so long for justice and I come here to respond with an open heart to something I wrote on Twitter in November and now in February I already have a scheduled hearing”.

In fact, it was this legal mechanism that ultimately led to the conviction of André Ventura for apologizing to the Coxi family last year. In fact, the lawyer who presented the case against this family of Bairro da Jamaica is the same lawyer who leads the defense of the former leader of the Bloco de Esquerda. He told CNN Portugal in January that “this pollution of public space must stop because since the appearance of Donald Trump, this type of argument based on lies has become commonplace”.

In the app, which CNN Portugal has had access to, Francisco Louçã’s defense explains that Pedro Frazão’s post is “an example of the well-known strategy of spreading fake news – ‘fake news.’ Assembly of the Republic admitted to removing the post from Twitter if the former Bloco coordinator proves that he received nothing from Banco Espírito Santo.” If Dr. Francisco Louçã proves that he received nothing from BES , I will delete the post. I am always for the truth,” said the deputy elected by the circle of Santarém at the time.

Francisco Louçã, on leaving the judicial court of the western district of Lisbon where he was heard this Wednesday, said that Pedro Frazão had not tried to defend himself or present facts and that he “only argues that this what he said, being a lie, is not offensive”. The former coordinator of the Bloco de Esquerda considers that it is “deeply offensive the idea that a path can be made in Portuguese society on the basis of lies, I think it’s time we stopped lying,” he said.

Being a much simpler process, it is faster.

True or false?

And compared to the justification given by Pedro Frazão that “what I wrote on Twitter is the result of what exists in the press”, there is no indication of any payment of covenants in the articles on which the deputy for Chega relied.

The judge of the case will decide in relation to the legal procedure. Regarding the veracity or falsity of the existence of news, it is not true that this news indicated the payment of bonds by BES to Francisco Louçã.

Conclusion: False

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