realme 9 Pro+: the gamer phone with an ideal processor

Tell the truth, you’ve spent hours debating with a friend which platform is best to play on, haven’t you? Now this heated debate will garner overwhelming information.

According to the latest edition of the Game Brasil survey, 41.6% of respondents prefer to play via smartphone. Consoles have a 25.8% national preference, followed by PCs (18.3%).

This data shows a very interesting behavior of the respondents, but can also indicate a change in perception about the quality of the games offered for mobile devices, in addition to the obvious evolution of these devices.

smartphones and games

If in the past cell phones had simple games, used to get the person out of boredom while waiting in a queue, today smartphones support many most popular games among users.

However, one truth must be said: not all smartphones provide a good experience for gamers.

Indeed, simpler devices are created to respond to the user’s most immediate demands – and as we’re talking about a mobile phone, those demands would be to communicate and browse the internet, for example.

So, these devices usually have a less powerful processor and that’s why they crash in the middle of matches — much to the chagrin of those playing online on mobile.

If you don’t want to experience this kind of situation, it is essential to choose a gamer phone with a powerful processor, such as the new realme 9 Pro+ smartphonerecently launched in Brazil.

realme 9 pro+ processor

THE MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G Chipset is, as the name suggests, a product developed by MediaTek, one of the largest mobile processor companies in the world. In Brazil, the first device to use this technology is the realme 9 Pro+.

This processor was created to provide the best performance in situations that demand more from the device, such as games, videos and connectivity.

This increase in efficiency comes with low battery consumption, which also appeals to users.

The realme 9 Pro+ also has steam chamber cooling – which keeps key components up to 10°C cooler than usual.

realme 9 Pro+ has a powerful processor to make your games much smoother. (Really/Disclosure)

realme 9 Pro+: better sound and image

Dimensity 920 5G processor technology enables intelligent use of the screenin which it adapts according to the characteristics of use, such as the intensity of the game played on the mobile phone.

This way, the user gets an improved gaming experience while the device makes smart use of power.

In addition, the realme 9 Pro+ has a 90Hz Super AMOLED ultra-smooth display and 360 Hz touch sampling rate.

Another advantage of realme’s mobile game launch is that it has stereo soundand those who play know the importance of this feature.

After all, when the sound is mono, it is almost impossible not to cover the speakers during the game. The headphone jack is present and is 3.5 mm.

Another feature that will make the difference when starting is the linear motor on the X axis for More precise and tactile vibrations.

If you also care about the quality of photos and videos, know that the Dimensity 920 5G processor allows smartphones to have more efficiency in capturing and processing imagesincluding videos recorded in High Dynamic Range (HDR) 4k.

This realme device has always 8 GB of memory Random access memory (RAM) and 128 GB of internal storage which can be expanded using memory cards.

Battery that charges quickly

The battery is usually an important point when buying a cell phone. Whatever the consumer profile, people always want smartphones that charge quickly and are energy efficient — and realme guarantees these characteristics when choosing the processor.

In addition, the realme 9 Pro+ battery has Super-fast 65W SuperDart chargingwhich increases charging speed and means users don’t have to wait hours for the smartphone to be fully charged or have to use it from the outlet.

Mobile phones are the favorite platform for gamers in Brazil, but as you already know, not just any gaming smartphone guarantees good gameplay.

That’s why realme 9 Pro+, the 1st device to use Dimensity 920 5G technology in Brazil, can be the ideal choice for those who want fewer accidents during matches.

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