Concerts, theatre, shows, walks, flea markets… What to do in Nièvre this weekend?

in Nevers

Theater Nevers organizes the Cabaret of excitement guaranteed Friday 13 May8 p.m., at the theater. Reservations : or

premium A company that combines able-bodied and disabled actors on the stage of the Nevers theater to “change mentality”

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in Guerigny

At the Theater des Forges Royales, Saturday 14 May, at 8.30 pm, the adult theater workshop team, led all year round by Nathalie Jadot, will perform on stage and share great moments of emotion with the audience, which must go from laughter to tears and tears to laughter! Free entrance.

premium A concert in honor of the musician Doc Waston at the Théâtre des Forges royales


In Aunay-en-Bazois

Saturday 14 May, concert by Christophe Girard, with a first part with art school students, at 5.45 pm, Saint-Etienne church. Such an.

In Cosne-sur-Loire

The vocal ensemble Les Nomades de Nevers performs sunday 15 may, at 4 p.m., in St. James’ Church. This four-part mixed choir will present a repertoire of opera arias, film scores and musicals conducted by Catherine Julien and accompanied by Anthony Pontet on the piano. Price: €8, free for children under 10. Ticket sales on site on the day of the concert.

in Nevers

Concert 101 candles! A musical adventure for Nevers, Concertband City of Nevers, Saturday 14 May, at 8 p.m., great hall of La Maison. You.

Concert by the group Les Tomates FarciesS, from 9 pm to 2 am, in the BBC bar, Saturday 14 May.

In Montigny-en-Morvan

Saturday 14 May, Traînes Bûches concert, Morvandiau rock, at 9.15 pm, at the Auberge du Goupil. Such an.

In Vauclaix

Country, blues and rock’n’roll evening with Djawn and the Fisherman, Saturday 14 May, at 9 pm, Le Carrouège,


in Clamecy

The Hors decor company, in residence at the Ferme-Blanche, presents its new show Who are you to go where? Friday 13 May, at 7 p.m., in a downtown area. This is a 70 minute delusion/theatre on the theme of adolescence. Limited meter show, reservations on


In Chatillon-en-Bazois

The municipality offers Parcours du Vœur, sunday 15 may, departure from the Projectenzaal, rue Adrien-Laurent. On the programme: departure at 8 am for 15 km (with refueling in between) and at 10 am for 5 km. Demonstration of first aid actions by firefighters from 11.30 am. Possibility to reserve a tasting board with local products (charcuterie, cake, drink), participation of 10 €. Friendship drink offered on arrival. Information: town hall, on or

in Livry

The Randonnees decizoises organize a 20 km walk, sunday 15 may, in Livry. Departure from Riousse at 9:00 AM. Due to the health context, carpooling remains suspended. Contact person: Meet at 2:00 PM in the Decize Nautical Stadium parking lot.

In Metz-le-Comte

The festival committee organizes its 15th pedestrian rally, sunday 15 may† Games and puzzles will punctuate a walk accessible to all (about 13 km). Teams of at least five people. Children’s teams accepted, but under the responsibility of a parent. Plan a picnic for lunch. Gather at 8.30am, Place de la Mairie; back around 6pm; barbecue offered to the participants. Participation: adults, €10; from 6 to 12 years, €5. Information and registration: or Registration possible the same day on site.

In Saint Andelaine

The festival committee organizes sunday 15 may, from the village hall, a walk. Two circuits are proposed, one of 14 km which will start at 9 am, the other of 7 km which will start at 10 am. Refuel on both circuits. Involvement: €3 adults, €1 children under 10.

In Saint-Loup-des-Bois

The municipality organizes sunday 15 may the courses of the heart, hiking with two circuits of 9 and 15 km. The event is open to mountain bikers (helmet required) and runners. Departure from the church square from 8 am. Contribution: €3 donated to the French Cardiology Foundation.

In Varennes-Vauzelles

On Sunday 15 May, ASAV Randonnees organizes the 18th Rondes de Vauzelles, with the return of the 42 km course. The loops, from 12 to 42 km long, cross forest roads. Registrations. At the village school of Varennes for hiking from 7am (8, 12, 22, 32 or 42 km), and at the Niffonds pond for Nordic walking (9 or 15 km, departures from 7am to 2pm). Info on

Five hundred walkers expected at the 18th Ronde de Vauzelles

And also…

Travel to the heart of traditional music at Arleufu

Christian Maes and Nicolas Nageotte are on the podium of Cornemuse, Saturday 14 May, at 9 p.m. The duo mixes compositions with reconsidered traditional themes: Turkey, Greece, Brittany, imaginary folklore. But above all, he cultivates the art of the spontaneous and the intuitive. The same generous gesture unites the two musicians, sharp in the melodies and daring in the improvisations. Information and booking:

Bike tour to Chateau-Chinon (City)

The cycling association Vélototem meets every Sunday for a bike ride. sunday 15 may, meeting at 8am, in front of the Morvan Cycles Motoculture shop, boulevard de la République in Château-Chinon. Route of 86 km towards Saint-Hilaire-en-Morvan, Cervon, Chaumard, before returning to Château-Chinon.

bike party at Cercy la Tour

The Club des cyclos randonneurs organizes an outing, open to all (children and adults), Saturday 14 May† Come with your bike (road, mountain bike, VTC, electric), at 2 pm, in the parking lot of the ramparts. Circuit and pace adjusted. A snack will be offered on return. Contact person: or

Exposure to Corbigny

The abbey hosts a collective exhibition, Rythmes de l’onde, designed with the work of ten artists: Claire Artemyz, Bonny, Jean-Pierre Bort, Robert Christien, Monique Frydman, François Jeune, Clémence Lalo, Thierry Le Saëc, Julie Morlon and Oliver Turpin. The exhibition can be seen from Saturday 14 May to Tuesday 7 JuneOpening Friday, May 13 at 6.30 pm., with a dance intervention by Serge Ambert, company Les environs rêveurs. Open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from 2 pm to 6 pm, or by appointment at Free entrance.

fish festival Cossaye

Saturday 14 May at 8.30 am, reception of young fishermen; 9am to 12 noon, fishing (only one line allowed, maximum six trout). Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May. Trout fishing, from 8am to 6pm; one line per fisherman; a maximum of six outlets (eight with a child under 14). €10 per card.

Empty cupboards Cosne-sur-Loire

The parents association and the association Le Sourire de Christophe offer a wardrobe emptying and a scholarship for toys and books for children Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 Mayfrom 9 am to 6 pm in the village hall, for the benefit of the association and the schools.

Garage sale at Decize

The Municipal Staff Association of Decize organizes a garage sale, sunday 15 may, on the esplanade of Les Halles, towards the tennis court. Pitches (2€ per linear meter, without reservation) accessible from 6.30 am On site, buffet and snack bar.

Bicycle and flower festival in Fourchambault

Saturday 14 May Four chambaultais of bicycles are proposed to go in procession to the Fête du Vélo and the Fête de la Fleur, in the Roger-Salengro Park in Nevers. The meeting point is at 2:00 PM in the parking lot of the Fourchambault station. Information on

Bike tours from Iphy

The department of Nièvre offers, Saturday 14 May, two bike rides, from Imphy to Nevers, along the side channel of the Loire (15 km, between 1h30 and 2h) or along the right bank of the Loire (12 km, between 1h15 and 1h45). Departure is from Imphy station and arrival at Roger-Salengro Park, for the cycling festival. TER trains are available for the return journey.

funny looking birds Mesves-sur-Loire

The participants of the Funny Birds outing that will take place sunday 15 may, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, Carole follows the puppeteer on a walk that combines art and nature and comes to observe strange birds. Flight techniques, hunting strategies, territorial defense or courtship, they discover the diversity of bird behavior through the art of manipulation and ornithological observation. Prices: €7 adult, €5 child, €20 family. When registering on

bike party at nevers

Agglomeration Nevers celebrates cycling during a festive day in Roger-Salengro Park, in Nevers, Saturday 14 May† The events will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.: a bicycle market where second-hand bicycles can be bought and resold: appointment from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for bicycle deposits, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. for purchases. A workshop will teach you how to adjust your bikes and the great Nivernais cycling routes will be introduced to you to plan your next trips. But also… Adjusting (posture study), initiation and demonstration with a BMX track, testing electric bicycles, cargo bikes or even electric scooters, agility course, slow race, etc. There will be a food truck present. 5 p.m., draw.

steps from pougues

The ASCP/Omnisports association, in collaboration with the municipality, organizes the Foulées de Pougues, sunday 15 may, from the Pavillon des Sources in the thermal park. Five races, open to all, will bring together both licensees and non-licensees. This year, the Omnisports team has set up new courses. Registration, on site, at the Pavillon des Sources in the spa park, from 1.30 pm.

market on Rouy

the next market Friday 13 May, from 4 pm to 7:30 pm, at the Place de l’Eglise. On the menu: Saucisson d’Auvergne, assortment of fruit and vegetables, cheeses from all over France, honey and gingerbread.

Morning swap plants at Saint-Leger-des-Vignes

The Robert-Billoué Social Center offers to come and exchange its plants, Saturday 14 May† Meet at Place du 11-Novembre, from 10am to 12pm. We can then agree on a cold buffet (8 €, 5 € for children): registration until tomorrow, at

Flea market at Torteron

The local festival committee organizes a flea market, sunday 15 may, village square. Open to the public from 7 a.m. Free location. Placement by the organization. Bar and restaurant on site.

Mini-Bolides: regional race at the Circuit de la Plaine in Varennes-Vauzelles

The Mini-Bolides club organizes a regional race on the La Plaine circuit, sunday 15 may, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. After four years without competition, the club leaders are particularly motivated to welcome pilots from all over Burgundy-France-Comté. On the program races of 1/8th all terrain vehicles, nitro and electric categories. Free entrance.

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