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May 14. In 2022, the organization SOS Children’s Villages in the World will award this year’s DOK.fest prize to Vietnamese Diem Ha Le. Like her protagonist in the film, the filmmaker belongs to an ethnic minority. Diem Ha Le is honored for her documentary “CHILDREN OF THE MIST”. The prize is endowed with 3,000 euros and is offered by BOA Videofilmkunst.

In her first film, Diem Ha Le tells the story of Di, 13 years old, daughter of a Hmong family. She grows up with lipstick, selfies, social media – and the archaic tradition that girls are kidnapped by boys during New Year’s Eve celebrations. a boy. She wants to continue going to school, but the families are already negotiating the bride price. The conflict is not long in coming.

Filmmaker Diem Ha Le said on the occasion of the award ceremony: “First of all, I would like to thank SOS Children’s Villages for helping children in need all over the world! I am very honored that my film was honored by the jury. know that in 1967 Vietnam was one of the first countries outside of Europe where SOS Children’s Villages was active, so it is particularly important to me that my film and especially my subject on “weddings of children” are now getting so much attention thanks to the prize I would like to help the protagonist Di with the prize money so that she can continue to go to school, and I would like to start my next research: it is supposed to concern minorities in Vietnam who suffer from climate change.

Daniel Sponsel, Director of DOK.fest Munich: “For many years, the DOK.fest award from SOS Children’s Villages worldwide has drawn attention to children growing up in difficult circumstances through outstanding films. Like the protagonist Di, who at the age of 13 was killed by a moment after another, she is no longer allowed to be a child, but as a woman must fight for her right to self-determination. Filmmaker Diem Ha Le accompanies the young girl very closely, makes her traumatic experience palpable – and at the decisive moment lets Di take some distance in the existential struggle for their future.This deeply human film brings us closer to an alien society in which applies even more than in ours: children have too few rights.

Lanna Idriss, Head of SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide: “They say a girl is married against her will. It is estimated that this still happens 12 million times a year around the world – a loss of self-determination for every individual concerned. Girls suddenly drop out of school, not allowed to have dreams, their lives are brutally slowed down. “You’re a woman, not a man, remember that” , Di’s father tells Di and asks him to sleep with the bride-to-be.

Thank you to the jury that this year’s SOS Children’s Villages Documentary Film Award goes to Vietnamese filmmaker Diem Ha Le for her film “Children of the Mist”, thus contributing to the fight for equal rights. Girls and women must be able to build their lives according to their own ideas. This is what we stand for at SOS Children’s Villages around the world.”

Filmmaker Diem Ha Le is from an ethnic minority in Thailand and came to Hanoi to study journalism. In 2013, she graduated. CHILDREN OF THE MIST is his first documentary film. It was supported by a grant from the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program. In 2021, Diem Ha Le was honored as Best Director at IDFA. The film can be seen at DOK.fest Munich 2022 both in cinemas (May 4-15) and on digital screen (May 9-22).

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