THE BALL – The best games to bet on this week on Betclic (Sponsored News)

Portuguese League – Paços de Ferreira-Benfica (May 13, 8:15 p.m.)

Paços de Ferreira and Benfica say goodbye to the 2021/2022 season in a game that decides nothing. The reds will not leave 3rd place, the pacenses (they are in 10th position) can still go up or down a few places, but nothing more. Benfica, as usual, enters the field as favorites (the victory brings 1.57), but it must be said that they will enter the field with several absences (not even Darwin, the top scorer in the championship, n didn’t travel with the team), so maybe it’s worth looking at the odds given to the triumph of pacenses (4.88) or the draw (4.33). Even if we know that Paços de Ferreira has not won for four games…

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Italian League – Empoli-Salernitana (May 14, 2 p.m.)

If we only look at the standings, the odds for this match can be strange: the victory of Empoli (who even plays at home) brings 3, a draw 3.67 and the triumph of Salernitana 2.01. Strange because Empoli is 14th and Salernitana is fighting to escape the descent, in 17th place. But a closer look may help shed some light on the matter: Empoli have only won one in their last four games, Salernitana have not lost in six games, in which they have won four. and made two draws. And that makes more sense…


Portuguese League – Moreirense-Vizela (May 14, 3:30 p.m.)

It’s all or nothing for Moreirense, who enters the field knowing that he can do no better than to qualify for the play-offs with 3rd place in Liga 2, the only way that will allow him to avoid relegation for the moment. Moreira de Cónegos’ team doesn’t just depend on you, but you’re bound to beat a Vizela who celebrated the week after securing the hold in the last lap. Perhaps this explains why the home team’s triumph is worth 1.62, compared to the 3.68 awarded for a draw or the 4.88 for the visitors’ victory. It’s the eternal question: is it closer to winning who plays with maximum pressure or who enters the field already rested?

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Portuguese League – Tondela-Boavista (May 14, 3:30 p.m.)

Another one of those games in which a team (Tondela) must win to guarantee their presence in the play-off – they may not even need it, but it’s good to be without surprises – and another (Boavista) who enters the field without any form of pressure. And once again the favoritism is given to those who need the result: the victory of Tondela brings 1.67, the draw 3.65 and the triumph of the ladies 4.52. It’s actually a question of risk, but it must be said that Boavista did not make it easy (it comes from a win and a draw) and that Tondela has not won for six games…

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Portuguese League – Arouca-B SAD (May 14, 3:30 p.m.)

AB SAD enters the game in last place in the League but has not yet gone down. It does not only depend on the bruises to save oneself from the immediate descent, but winning is the first step to dreaming again. Despite this, unlike the two games above, B SAD does not enter the field as a favorite, despite facing an opponent who has already resolved his maintenance: the victory of Arouca brings 2.28, the draw 3.15 and the triumph of visitors 2.97. Maybe because Arouquenses haven’t lost at home in the last three matches, maybe because B SAD haven’t won a single away win in league matches yet .

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French League – St. Étienne-Reims (May 14, 8 p.m.)

What applies in Portugal is also used in France and this will explain why Saint-Étienne enters the field as favorites during this reception against Reims: the victory of the home team is worth 1.69. After all, Saint-Étienne is in 18th position and is fighting to escape the descent and Reims is calming down in 12th place. In other words, whoever needs to win the most is the favorite. But beware: the home team haven’t won once in the last four games, a period in which the visitors have won twice and lost the same. Thus, the other scenarios should not be neglected: a draw brings in 3.68, a victory for Reims 4.18.

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Italian League – AC Milan-Atalanta (May 15, 5 p.m.)

In the fight for the title, the leader AC Milan cannot lose points in this reception against Atalanta (8th place) and is naturally the big favorite to win: the odds are 1.69. It makes sense looking at the standings and it makes sense when you take into account that the Milan side have only one defeat in the last 17 games – against runners-up Inter… on the other side there will be an Atalanta that still aspires to reach European places and that lost four games ago. It is therefore worth looking at the 3.85 paid for the draw and the 3.83 awarded for the visitors’ victory. For those who like to risk surprises.

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