Traces of cocaine found in Westminster toilets

The discovery of these traces of drugs in the British Parliament comes as Boris Johnson has just announced a massive plan to fight drug use.

jet jet“, the British say in situations like this: The sprinkler gave water… Boris Johnson launched this Monday a major 10-year plan to fight drug trafficking and consumption. With £700 million on the horizon to implement his measures, intensify police checks and step up the fight against gangs, the prime minister pledges “criminals“which they won’t have”nowhere to hide» : Consumers are now exposed to having their ID and driving license revoked. A significant medical component is also planned to enhance treatment for addiction and withdrawal. And if he doesn’t know where to start… Boris Johnson doesn’t have to go far: indeed traces of cocaine have been found in the toilets adjacent to his own office and that of Home Secretary Priti Patel (competent for Home Affairs) in the British parliament.

According to information from Time , traces of this drug have even been found in a dozen other toilets at the Palace of Westminster – where the two chambers of the British Parliament are located. So much so that the Speaker of the United Kingdom House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, promised that a dog squad would be sent to the scene to enable the police to conduct the investigation and flush out possible cocaine addicts – to whom he has already promises a sanction”real(in the UK, cocaine use is punishable by up to seven years in prison, and repeat offenders risk life in prison).

The drug abuse allegations in the Sunday Times parliament are deeply disturbingconfirmed Sir Lindsay on the BBC microphone, “and with the help of the police I will hurry this week to clear the doubt. I hope the law is fully complied withHe also reminded all MPs and officials in Westminster that his services are available to those seeking recovery from addiction.

According to a survey by the National Bureau of Statistics, the BBC recalls, nearly one in ten British have used drugs at least once in the past year.

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