Meeting presents overview of 2022 election bans

May 17, 2022 – 5:42 p.m.
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The General State Prosecutor’s Office, in partnership with the School of Public Management (EGP-CE), an entity attached to the Department of Planning and Management (Seplag), held, on the morning of this Tuesday (17) , the conference “The Implications of the Fiscal Responsibility Law and Election Closures for 2022.”

With the presence of executives and officials from different entities, the meeting presented different issues, from different perspectives on electoral fences, the conduct of citizens in general and officials in particular.

The debate was opened by electoral judge Kamile Castro, the first woman to assume, as a member of the legal profession, as titular judge in the TRE vacancy. Saluting the panel of two other pioneering women in office, he highlighted, among other topics, the electoral caution that must occur with women’s “orange” candidacies.

The magistrate explained that parties often use women to fulfill quotas, but do not give them effective space to exercise legitimate candidacy. Judge Kamile Castro also highlighted the fight against fake news as one of the main challenges facing electoral justice.

On the same subject, the Attorney General of the Public Ministry of the State of Ceará (MP-CE), Emmanuel Girão, Professor of Electoral Law, highlighted the need for managers to deepen the specific resolutions of the TSE for the year ongoing election. “You have to remember that this is a quicksand patch,” he said, commenting that there is no uniform and enduring case law due to constant legislative changes.

In turn, the PGE-CE Deputy Attorney General, Rafael Moraes, highlighted specific issues regarding the conduct of officials during the campaign period, which runs from July 2 to October 30 (in the event of a second round).

“Outside working hours, the server can campaign, but never using the public machine. You have to be attentive, for example, to publications made on social networks when the server is fulfilling its workload. He cannot use work computers, institutional cell phones, wi-fi or even himself, who is currently paid to work and not to campaign,” he stressed.

The prosecutor stressed that “when in doubt, it is better not to do so” in terms of fences.

Closing the conference, Councilor Soraia Victor, from the State Court of Auditors, also the first woman in this role, recalled that the calendar of the electoral year begins on January 1, mainly for public managers, but that the concern for fiscal responsibility goes beyond these dates.

Citing the pandemic, the adviser recalled the exceptions: “If it is an exception, documentary evidence must be prepared, it exists and will always exist, it only needs to be legitimately documented to be valid.”

At the table presidency, the Attorney General of the State, Camily Cruz, recalled that in partnership with the Comptroller General of the State (CGE), the PGE-CE has prepared a brochure on the conduct prohibited to public persons .

Camily Cruz also pointed out that the objective of providing more information has been achieved: “We had the presence of executives, civil servants, lawyers and in two hours of class we were able to stimulate reflection and curiosity in relation to the themes, since they are not exhaustive subjects, but which, from a more critical point of view, deserve to be deepened by each citizen”.

Partnership with EGP-CE

This was the first event organized by the PGE-CE in partnership with the School of Public Management. To highlight the importance of this type of initiative, the director of the school, Priscilla Dias, stressed that the work of the EGP-CE is in constant articulation with the portfolios of the executive, with the intention of provide more and more information and qualifications to State agents. Priscilla Dias thanked the head of the Planning and Management Department, Ronaldo Bastos, for his presence and support for his confidence in the entity’s work with the State of Ceará.

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