Area schools decide to suspend classes due to cyclone warning – Region

The authorities of the region are on alert for the arrival of cyclone Yakecan which will bring strong winds from this Tuesday (17). There are already schools suspending classes today and tomorrow as the wind is expected to hit Rio Grande do Sul harder. Montenegro is one of the cities that will not have activities in the municipal educational institutions of Vale do Caí.

According to the city, the buildings will be closed starting this afternoon. In nursery schools, children must be picked up before 1 p.m. Activities will resume on Thursday (19). The suspension will be compensated by remote activities, supported by each school.

In a press release, the municipal administration warns that the “measure aims to ensure the safety of miners in the face of severe and potentially dangerous weather forecasts” because “wind gusts of more than 100 km / h can occur at certain points” .

Also in the region, cities in the metropolitan area, such as Gravataí, Canoas and Cachoeirinha, have also suspended classes.

The children are released at the EMEF Dagmar de Lima Mucillo, Cachoeirinha
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New Hamburg

In Novo Hamburgo, Tuesday is a non-school day, according to the school calendar. Today, teachers are in collective planning in all schools. “For them, in addition to servants and other school employees, it is a normal working day. The students return to schools this Wednesday 18”, specifies the town hall.


The Liberato Foundation, of Novo Hamburgo, suspended face-to-face classes for the morning shift this Wednesday (18). According to the school management, the measure was taken as a precaution due to the arrival of the subtropical cyclone in the state.

In-person services in the administrative areas of the Foundation are also suspended. Tuesday afternoon and evening classes had already been canceled.

Campo Bom suspends classes on Wednesday and recommends parents pick up their children earlier in the day

The town hall of Campo Bom has adopted preventive measures to deal with the cyclone. This Tuesday (17), the families of students from schools in the municipal network have been informed that on Wednesday (18) there will be no classes in the schools.

Also this Tuesday, the recommendation to parents of students to pick up their children before the end of classes.

The Nejad tests, today and tomorrow, and the tests of the selection process for psychologists and occupational therapists, today, are also suspended.

Zero Waste Week program activities have been cancelled.

Sao Leopoldo and Sapucaia do Sul

The municipality of São Leopoldo has decided to suspend classes in municipal and contracted schools this Tuesday and Wednesday, May 17 and 18.

“The instruction for parents is that on Tuesday afternoon, they look for their children in schools, as far as possible, and education professionals will be in the establishments waiting for parents or guardians. And this Wednesday 18, all school activities will be preventively suspended,” São Leopoldo City Hall informed in a note.

Emergency In case of events caused by the weather, the Civil Defense of São Leopoldo responds to the telephones of the Municipal Civil Guard 153, (51) 99117-8291 and (51) 98924-7852. In addition to (51) 2200-0633, which is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

In Sapucaia, evening classes have been canceled

In Sapucaia do Sul, the Department of Education decided to maintain classes in the afternoon, “because many families would not have enough time to organize themselves”, but canceled the activities of the night crew. The town hall also communicated that the decision to take their child to school, this Tuesday and Wednesday, is at the discretion of each family, but that, if there are any absences, “these will be treated with common sense, without harming our students. “.

How are the lessons on the coast?

Municipalities on the north coast, such as Osório and Capão da Canoa, are already suspending classes due to the weather conditions expected for the next few hours.

The town hall of Capão da Canoa informed in the morning that it had decided to suspend the courses of the municipal network in the afternoon and the night of this Tuesday (17), as well as in the morning of Wednesday (18). After this time, the situation must be reassessed.

Osório also suspended classes on Wednesday in its 26 municipal schools, the definitions on the course of classes on Wednesday in the municipal educational network of the north coast should take place in the afternoon.

In Imbé, today (Tuesday) classes will take place as normal. The performance of school activities on Wednesday (18) will be assessed on Tuesday afternoon.

In Cidreira, the prefecture also communicated the suspension on its Facebook. The Secretary for Education and Culture announces that classes will be suspended in the afternoon and evening on the date of this Tuesday and tomorrow in the three teams. “We emphasize that the frequency of those who do not show up will not be affected,” the note reads. The prefecture informs that it is under surveillance with the firefighters. In the event of an emergency, the fire brigade responds to the telephones 193 or 3681-1286 and the Military Brigade to 190.

In Santo Antônio da Patrulha, classes are suspended from this afternoon and for the whole day tomorrow. Civil Defense telephones are 9 9955-7332 or Fire Department 193.

In Tramandaí, classes are suspended today (Tuesday) in the evening and Wednesday morning and afternoon. Wednesday evening classes have been confirmed, but if anything more serious happens that could change.

Private schools

In a note, the RS Private Education Union (Sinepe/RS) advises educational establishments to keep abreast, with the arrival of the cyclone, of the weather situation in the region of which they are part and to follow the directives of the Civil Protection. However, for establishments located in areas where the impact of the cyclone is considered high risk, the Syndicate recommends that afternoon and evening classes be suspended on Tuesdays.

However, Sinepe recalls that each entity has the autonomy to decide on the operation and organization of the school calendar.

Public schools

The Department of National Education (Seduc) informs that, until the morning of this Tuesday, classes are maintained. However, the record authorizes suspension in areas where the need for Civil Defense guidance is identified.

Other cities

According to the town halls, in São Leopoldo, Sapucaia do Sul and Esteio, services continued as normal this morning. However, the town halls are assessing the weather conditions, on alert with the situation.

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