Atrial Fibrillation Cardiology Symposium

Doctors Gustavo Gama, Márcio Mendes and Marco Tulio Juliano, from UDI Hospital, celebrate the success of the Cardiology Symposium on Atrial Fibrillation
Doctors Gustavo Gama, Márcio Mendes and Marco Tulio Juliano, from UDI Hospital, celebrate the success of the Cardiology Symposium on Atrial Fibrillation

Symposium at UDI Hospital

Last Saturday, UDI Hospital held a Cardiology Symposium on Atrial Fibrillation. The event included lectures and discussions on updates regarding this cardiac arrhythmia which affects approximately 4% of the world’s population.

SabaD’Or, as the event was named, disseminates knowledge in a practical way and aims to improve the quality of medical care in the D’Or network.

ECD at the party

The Office of the Public Defender of Maranhão is celebrating. To celebrate May 19, National Day of the Office of the Public Defender, the institution is organizing, in São Luís, the I State Conference, on the theme “Disinformation and vulnerabilities”.

The opening ceremony on Thursday morning was led by defender general Alberto Bastos, in the auditorium of the new headquarters, in the Renascença II district.

The conference program will continue until Friday (20) with debates and discussions. The event also alludes to the 21 years of existence of the Office of the Defender of Maranhense.

Titans on the way to the island

One of the best national rock groups, Titãs will perform in São Luís on July 2, at the Pedro Neiva de Santana Convention Center.

Tony Belloto, Branco Mello and Sérgio Britto, accompanied by musicians Beto Lee, Mário Fabre and Caio Góes Neves, promise an intimate and emotional show.

The performance will include songs from the classic “Titãs Acústico MTV” and other hit songs from the group, such as “Because I know it’s love”, “As long as there is Sol” and “Epitafio “.

Dengue fever cases on the rise

The Epidemiological Bulletin recently published by the Ministry of Health showed that in Brazil there was a 95% increase in dengue cases, which corresponds to 400,000 new registrations compared to the same period last year .

Until April 2022, there are 180 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the country. In São Luís, the numbers are no different.

The reason for this is the combination of high temperatures and the high volume of precipitation of the period, conducive to generating the infestation of the Aedes aegipyt mosquito, which transmits the disease.

infant formula

Studies have long shown that infant formula is the most suitable and safest substitute for breast milk, up to at least nine months of age.

But recently, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) banned the import, marketing, distribution and even advertising of certain formulas suspected of contamination.

Families who depend on infant formula are very concerned because it meets all the nutritional needs of babies who, for whatever reason, cannot ingest breast milk. Experts stress the need to seek help from those who know the area.

Value per bag

In 2017, airlines were allowed to charge a value for passengers’ checked baggage. The intention was that with this initiative, the value of airline tickets would be reduced.

But, that did not happen. Now, an interim measure 1089/21, which reformulates the sector, has been approved by the Federal Chamber guaranteeing the return of the gratuity.

Again, the objective is to reduce the value of the airfare. The text is transmitted to the Senate for analysis. To be valid, it must be approved before June 1 and sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Baggage fees 2

The Chamber approved an amendment by MP Perpetua Almeida (PCdoB-AC) which includes a provision in the Consumer Protection Code (Law 8078/90) prohibiting airlines from charging any type of fee, on domestic flights, for shipping baggage up to 23 kilograms; and on international flights, checking baggage weighing up to 30 kg.

At Marechal Cunha Machado Airport in São Luís, passengers celebrate and hope that in fact ticket prices will drop.

Portugal Street

Rua Portugal, in the historic center of São Luís, is the 11th most Instagrammable in the country. This means that she is among the most posted in the Instagram feed.

No matter the time, there is always someone recording on the historic road, one of the busiest in the historic center.

In the past, Rua Portugal, also called Rua do Trapiche, was one of the main commercial squares in São Luís.

Rua Portugal brings together the largest group of houses covered with Portuguese tiles in Latin America. The covering technique used by the Portuguese served to reflect the sunlight and soften the heat that reigned (and still is) in the region.

Also in São João da Thay, a production of Thaynara OG de Maranhão to be held on June 28 at the Multicenter Sebrae, the former BBB Juliette, who will give a musical presentation.  In addition to her, Gloria Groove, Felipe Araújo, Alcione and Zé Felipe are confirmed, among several other artists.
Also in São João da Thay, a production of Thaynara OG de Maranhão to be held on June 28 at the Multicenter Sebrae, the former BBB Juliette, who will give a musical presentation. In addition to her, Gloria Groove, Felipe Araújo, Alcione and Zé Felipe are confirmed, among several other artists.

in one look

Medal for Sonia Amaral

Judge Sônia Amaral received the Cândido Mendes medal, the highest distinction of the Court of Maranhão, awarded by the Court of Justice of Maranhão. The graduation ceremony, led by the President of the TJMA, Judge Paulo Velten, was attended by the Attorney General of Justice, Eduardo Nicolau, the Inspector General of the Public Ministry of Maranhão, Eduardo Heluy, the Attorney General of the municipality, Bruno Duailibe, among other authorities.

New windsock

The new Biruta Bar, known for being the meeting point of the youth wing of Avenida Litorânea, will open its doors this Friday, with a frenzied program from 8 p.m. For the opening, the new house will receive Parceiros Paz, Stanley & Cristian and Kika Bitencourt.

It is an air-conditioned bar with a capacity of 350 people. The space has an acoustic system, stage structure, sound, lighting and qualified staff.

Violence against women

The Legislative Assembly of Maranhão has approved Bill 428/2021, drafted by Deputy Ana do Gás (PCdoB), which deals with the bi-monthly recording and disclosure of rates of violence against women in Maranhão . The case will follow the government sanction.

According to the PL, the executive branch will make public the number of incidents recorded by the military and civilian police and the number of police investigations initiated by the civilian police, as well as the number of investigations forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office and the judiciary.

Elections 2022

This period, which includes the months of May and June, marks several deadlines defined by Electoral Justice for the October elections. So much so that the request for electoral regularization has increased in the Regional Electoral Tribunal of Maranhão (TRE-MA).

May 31 is the deadline for all federations intending to participate in the elections to register their respective statutes with the electoral court. June 12 marks the start of the period for voters to qualify to vote on the go.

Photobook “Drums”

Created by Fotoclube Poesia do Olhar, the Drums photobook was launched last Friday (13), during a ceremony in Blackswan – Cohama, in São Luís. The work is a photographic reinterpretation of “Os Tambores de São Luís”, by Josué Montello. The launch ceremony began with the opening of one of the exhibitions that make up the project, with images of the 19 authors that make up the photo book.

The photobook has the support of the state government through the Culture Incentive Act, sponsorship from Grupo Mateus, and support from Casa de Cultura Josué Montello, Editora Origin, and Doc Brown. Installed in the entrance hall of the Espaço Blackswan and the DocBrown cafeteria, it is on display until May 27, with visits Monday to Friday, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Thousands in Maracana

More than 3,000 people gathered for the second rehearsal of the Boi de Maracanã, held on Saturday (14), at the folk group’s headquarters, in Maracanã. The players and the general public had fun until dawn on Sunday, under the orders of the singers Ribinha de Maracanã, Humberto Filho and Emanuel Vitor.

In addition to these three singers, Lambari, Cabeça Branca, Toinho Rocha and Leléu, who are former members of the beef, also released the voice. The next rehearsal is scheduled for May 28. The party always starts at midnight.

Kitesurfer Bruno Lobo
Kitesurfer Bruno Lobo

To write on the stone:

“Demands a lot of you and expects little of others. Thus, you will avoid many inconveniences ” – From Confucius.

Various anecdotes

Maranhão is second in the ranking of violence and land disputes in Brazil. This is highlighted by the 36th edition of the Conflicts in the Field Survey, Brazil 2021, by the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT). The state, which has recorded nine murders, is second only to Rondônia, which has had 11 deaths in the countryside. Deaths from conflict in the countryside increased from 9 in 2020 to 109 in 2021, an increase of 1,110% over the period.

Estaleiro Escola has returned to sailing the seas of knowledge after two years practically stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Face-to-face workshops are back and residents of the Tamancão community are taking the opportunity to learn techniques for building model ships, reusing, recycling and much more.

Last weekend, Faene Business School organized the “I Seminar on Innovation and Practices in Learning”, to discuss topics such as “Education Scenario in the Post-Pandemic Environment”, “Digital Technologies in Education” and “Gamification and Teaching Practices”. In addition, there were conversation circles about teaching experiences.

From this Friday (20), the Itaú Cultural Play streaming platform will launch, in its catalog, the show “Bom dia, Professor”, another program signed by the curatorship of Espaço Itaú de Cinema. Highlighting the fictions “Cinnamon Café” (2017), “After the rain” (2013), “Ferrugem” (2017) and “A familia Dionti” (2015), the exhibition recovers part of the films shown throughout throughout the project. Teachers Club.

Senator Weverton Rocha must confirm that he will take a 120-day leave from the Senate to devote himself fully to his pre-campaign for the government of Maranhão. During this period, the first deputy takes over: the former mayor Roberth Bringel, of Santa Inês.

The President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, has once again defended the proposed amendment to the Constitution, drafted by former Senator Gim Argello, which recreates the five-year period in court.

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