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The Secretary of State for Culture, Sports and Leisure (Secel) has extended, until May 31, the deadline for registering the Viver Cultura, Estevão de Mendonça de Incentive to Mato Grosso Literature and the Pontos de Culture of Mato Grosso. The three bring together 14 million reais of investments from the government of MT.

In total, the three public selections will select 379 projects from different artistic and cultural segments and languages, boosting the cultural sector throughout the state. In addition to providing the population with access to cultural goods, the investments support professionals in the sector, which include cultural producers, artists and writers, as well as the peoples and communities that make up the cultural diversity of Mato Grosso.

Applications are made online and all files referring to public notices are available on the Secel website.

Living Culture Reviews

The public notice provides for an investment of 10 million reais in 266 cultural projects, classified in the following categories: creation and development of artistic and cultural experiences, training actions, cultural practices and experiences, culture of childhood and people elderly.

The Creation and development of artistic and cultural experiences category brings together projects by cultural workers who work in the music, theatre, dance, circus, visual arts and fine crafts sectors. Proposals must relate to the promotion of actions, research, exchanges, gatherings, exhibitions or artistic presentations.

Training actions are the category that includes courses, workshops, lectures, seminars and lectures. Here come projects from sectors related to the infrastructure of artistic and cultural actions, such as lighting, sound, editing, staging, roadies, backstage and cultural and executive production, among others.

The Cultural Practices and Experiences category aims to recognize and disseminate ethnic and cultural diversity in Mato Grosso, selecting projects that promote actions aimed at indigenous, riverine and African cultures, the LGBTQI+ population, gypsy peoples, immigrants and urban practices such as hip hop and poultry. .

Childhood and Elderly Culture has a free application and the category aims for the inclusion and appreciation of children up to 12 years old or people over 60 years old, in different manifestations, practices, nuances and traditions .

Finally, the Circulation, Exhibitions, Exhibitions and Festivals category is aimed at projects that aim to strengthen, disseminate and decentralize cultural practices in Mato Grosso, through regional, national or international circulation actions.

Estevão de Mendonça Public Notice of Incitement to Mato Grosso Literature

With investments of R$2 million for 73 projects, the Public Notice Estevão de Mendonça for the Incentive to Literature of Mato Grosso will select proposals in the Publication of Literary Works, Promotion of Creation and Promotion of Literature categories. Reading.

Creative and published works can be written in different literary expressions, such as poetry, prose, short stories, chronicles, romance, novels, plays, audio-visual scripts and comics, among others .

Regarding reading promotion projects, proposals will be selected in the categories of storytelling and reading mediation, training of mediators and training of writers.

Public notice for the Pontos de Cultura network

The Rede Pontos de Cultura public notice will select 40 projects developed by civil society organizations, recognized for developing socio-cultural actions in communities. Each selected project will receive R$50,000, making a total investment of R$2 million.

The Culture Point functions as an instrument to articulate actions and projects that already exist in the communities, developing, in a network, continuous cultural actions in the artistic and cultural segments and the languages ​​linked to the structuring actions of the national policy.

To participate, organizations must prove that they have developed a cultural activity for at least two years and present the simplified “Point Culture” certification, issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Or be in the process of formalizing to receive the document until the end of the project. Another requirement is that cultural actions operate explicitly in the statutes.

duty of doubt

For those who still need clarification on the public selections, remember that the content of three digital meetings is available on the institution’s Facebook, in which the main questions from the public have been answered.

Live Viver Cultura, Live Estevão de Mendonça of Literature Incentive and Live Public Notice Rede Pontos de Cultura.

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Living Culture Reviews

Estevão de Mendonça Public Notice of Incitement to Mato Grosso Literature

Public Notice for the Culture Points Network of Mato Grosso

Application deadline: until May 31, 2022

Information Avis Viver Cultura: e-mail: and telephone: (65) 3613-0233 / (65) 3613-0245

Information Estevão de Mendonça Public Notice of Incitement to Mato Grosso Literature: and telephone (65) 3613-9240

Public Information Notice Pontos de Cultura Network: and telephones (65) 3613-0233 / 3613-0245

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