Legislative 2022: Gérard Michon, candidate of the Union of Centrists and Ecologists

As part of the campaign for the French parliamentary election, French Morning profiles each of the candidates for the post of deputy to the French people in North America (United States and Canada). The first round of voting will begin on Friday, May 27 for online voting and will be held at polling stations on Saturday, June 4.

For his second participation in the parliamentary elections for French people living abroad, Gérard Michon was recruited at the last minute by the UCE, the Union of Centrists and Ecologists, a party that is nevertheless a member of the presidential majority. A different candidacy. Gérard Michon therefore wants to sound the alarm against the policy of the outgoing deputy Roland Lescure, the majority candidate who brings together Renaissance (ex-LREM), Horizons and the Modem.

I present myself today under the label of the UCE party, which supports the president but does not fail to offer constructive criticism based on the practical experience of its members. “, he explains. ” Unlike LREM, which takes its ‘castle’ orders, it is healthy for certain components of the presidential majority to enrich the debate with personalities from different backgrounds. Any organization in which the boss is never contradicted becomes dangerously poorer over time.

Abroad for over 40 years

The candidate, born in Gironde and born in Normandy, graduated from Polytechnique and Télécom Paris, emigrated to Los Angeles in 1980, first for a period of one year, then beneficiary of a scholarship from the Ministry of Industry, and obtained his doctorate there under the supervision of Judea Pearl (father of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was killed by beheading in Pakistan in 2002) and became his assistant for two years.

Former university professor of engineering, consultant and founder of the mathematical information site Numericana.com, Gérard Michon became involved in politics in 1984 by organizing Jacques Chirac’s visit to Los Angeles (during the Olympics) and in the lives of French people living in abroad, first as a consular adviser in Los Angeles and then as a member of the Assembly of French living abroad (he was chairman of the Law Commission from 2008 to 2009). He will also run in the 2012 parliamentary elections as an independent Gaullist candidate.


The 66-year-old candidate acknowledges a difficult struggle and takes a very critical look at Roland Lescure, the outgoing he considers ” to be out of place and to maintain a haughty attitude towards his constituents. In 2017 he says: “ Roland Lescure was read solely for his participation in Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign and his geographic presence in Canada as a highly paid senior civil servant. He then proudly admitted that he had only eight weeks of political experience… His entry into politics was then in the media spotlight for investing large sums of Canadian public money in tax havens. Facts that ended his career. Monsieur Lescure must have seen politics as an honorable way out…

Not tender with his opponent, Gérard Michon also asks questions” the Franco-French interests of the outgoing Commissioner, his ambitions as a minister, his responsibility in the confiscation of vital cards and his support for the doubling or almost doubling of the taxation of French people outside Europe on income from French sources related to real estate and pensions or even the inaction, during the Covid crisis, of the demands of the French living abroad.

19-year-old replacement

If elected, Gérard Michon will make the issue of the constitutional definition of French citizenship a priority,” to permanently protect the French abroad from the blows of misinformed lawmakers. “It also plans to propose new funding for teaching French abroad by providing direct support to recognized institutions,” proportional to the number of young French they train “, especially wants to defend the social rights of French people abroad, review the status of primary residence in France and improve access to digital consular services. Finally, on an ecological level, Gérard Michon wants to double the climate targets for a zero-carbon economy.

On the occasion of this election, Gérard Michon chose as his deputy the young 19-year-old candidate, Amandine Ducellier, a management student at the University of Ottawa, in Canada. The candidate will lead multiple digital meetings prior to the first round and his confession of faith can be found on his site.

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