Jazz trumpeter Luzie Micha receives Kempen Station scholarship

“Haltestelle” Kempen supports 18-year-old artist
Scholarship for young jazz trumpeter

The Kempen event center “Haltestelle” grants Luzie Micha a one-year scholarship. The 18-year-old is studying jazz trumpet at Folkwang University. Now she can fully concentrate on the music.

She participated in the big band workshop of the “Haltestelle” Kempen, led annually by Martin Schädlich, and stood out for her special talent for playing the trumpet. This earned her a one-year scholarship, generously granted by the operator of the “Haltestelle” event hall, Andreas Baumann: Luzie Micha (18) from Mönchengladbach studies jazz trumpet at the Folkwang University of the Arts in ‘Essen since last October. Andreas Baumann has set himself the goal of supporting her in her musical career: “She is an extraordinarily talented musician and she deserves all our support”, says her godfather.

The official letter for the scholarship was presented by the organizer “Haltestellen” Wolfgang Thier, himself a good jazz pianist, and the outstanding jazz instrument teacher and trumpeter Martin Schädlich. He had discovered the young musician years ago during the state competition “Jugend musiziert”, where he himself was a juror. “Luzie played a swing piece with a lot of intensity, it was impressive. In general, she has a great talent, her playing is in good taste and she captures the mood of the songs very well. His particular strength is his extremely skilful improvisation.

The young musician went to Grefrather Markus Türk as a teacher, who leads a big band in Mönchengladbach – as well as in the Campine – with whom she learned a lot and who introduced her to jazz. At the age of three she was already in “early musical education” at the music school in Mönchengladbach, and at the age of six she had her first trumpet lessons.

Luzie Micha comes from a very musical family: sister Johanna plays the trombone, brother Moritz the guitar, her father plays keyboards, among other things, and her mother is a jazz singer. They all played their hot jazz music together from the balcony of their house in Rubensstraße near the colorful Mönchengladbach garden, at a time when concerts were not possible due to the corona pandemic, to entertain neighbors and passers-by . The siblings performed with jazz musician friends as Jazz Formation Fourfold in 2018 at the Viersen Jazz Festival to great acclaim.

When presenting the grant, Wolfgang Thier underlined: “Granting a grant to Luzie corresponds exactly to the basic idea of ​​the ‘Haltestelle’, enabling encounters and promoting art. The one-year scholarship makes her a bit more financially independent, so she doesn’t have to work part-time and can focus entirely on her music. Thier offered him the opportunity to practice at the “Haltestelle” at any time and to play alone or with a group. She knows the place well enough to have rehearsed there for a long time.

The young musician was also grateful when the scholarship was awarded: “Music is my life, the scholarship is great, it was a big surprise for me, for which I am very grateful. And the equipment and an instrument like my new trumpet also require financial resources so the scholarship helps immensely.

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