Scrooge McDuck gets a new money store

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After Micky Maus-Magazine asked students from the Department of Architecture to design Duckburg’s city symbol, Scrooge McDuck’s Money Shop, in a more modern and above all more sustainable way, the winning design is now determined. The Viennese trio Julian Fellner, Tim Guckelberger and Philip Kaloumenos, whose idea for a modern new building of Duckburg’s most famous building convinced the jury thanks to the use of lots of glass and even more green energy, can look forward to the EUR 1,500 scholarship. The result can be admired in Mickey Mouse 12/2022 (to be published on May 27, 2022) as a double-sided poster. The second and third drafts can also be admired as posters in this issue.

But before the new silver storage facility can be built, the three up-and-coming architects in the accompanying comic story still have to convince owner and notoriously thrifty fantasy billionaire Scrooge McDuck, who of course had a veto. in advance. , of their projects. Mickey Mouse fans can find out what the building on the Glatzenkogel will look like in the current issue.

Issue 12/22 of Micky Maus Magazine (4.20 euros) will be available in stores and online in the Egmont store from May 27. For interview appointments with Micky Maus editor Marko Andric, review and raffle copies, please contact the press contact.

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