Joe Biden reacts to Texas shooting: ‘When are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?’

“When in the name of God are we going to do what we think needs to be done?”

The President of the United States of America reacted in the early hours of Wednesday to the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalve, Texas, which left at least 21 people dead, including 18 children. In a brief speech at the White House, Joe Biden said it was time to act and stand up to the “gun lobby” in the United States.

“As a nation, we must ask ourselves: when are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? I’m sick of it. We must act. When, in the name of God, are we going to do what we deem necessary do?” Asked the president, who was returning this Wednesday from a visit to several Asian countries.

Biden noted that these types of massacres “don’t happen anywhere else in the world” and that other countries also have mental health issues, but don’t have school shootings as often as in the United States. United of America.

“They [na Ásia] also mental health issues. They also have domestic conflicts in these countries. There are also people who are lost. But this type of attack doesn’t happen as often elsewhere. Why? Why are we letting this happen?” he asked.

Accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, the President remembered not only the children who lost their lives, but also the remaining students who witnessed the massacre and who will have to live with that memory for the rest of their lives.

“Second, third and fourth graders. And how many little children witnessed what happened and saw their friends die as if they were on a battlefield? They will live with this all their lives “, declared the American president.

But the president’s speech centered on the fight against the US arms lobby, calling for a collective effort to deal with the “carnage” the country has experienced for 20 years.

“Don’t tell me there’s nothing we can do to stop this carnage. Gun manufacturers have spent two decades aggressively marketing these shotguns for maximum profit. For God’s sake, we must have the courage to stand up to the industry. [das armas]”, he insisted.

We recall that at least 21 people died, including 18 children and three adults, according to the report of the shooting which took place this Tuesday in a primary school in the town of Uvalde, in the American state of Texas.

State Senator Roland Gutierrez said he was informed by the police of the latest death toll, which brings the total to 21 dead. Gutierrez, however, did not say whether the 18-year-old shooter, who was shot dead by authorities, is included in this latest report. Three people injured in the attack are hospitalized in serious condition, the senator told the Associated Press (AP).

Kamala Harris gets emotional and asks for ‘courage to act’ on gun regulations

US Vice President Kamala Harris today said ‘enough is enough’ and called for ‘courage to act’ on gun regulations. “Enough is enough. Our hearts are still broken,” said Kamala Harris, referring to the school shootings that are repeated year after year in the United States.

“We must find the courage to act and understand the connection between what constitutes reasonable and sensible public policy,” added the American vice president, in a speech addressed to Congress, which was unable to pass a gun law in the country, despite repeated tragedies.

Visibly touched, Kamala Harris underlined that each time a drama like this occurs, it is heartbreaking, but, she recalled, this pain does not compare to “what the families of the victims go through “.

“And yet, it continues to happen,” lamented the Vice President of the United States.

Information about the shooting was first confirmed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott at a press conference where he said the shooter was 18 years old.

“He [o atirador] shot and killed, in a horrific and incomprehensible manner, 14 students and killed a teacher,” the then governor said.

The Uvalde resident suspect entered the school with a revolver and possibly a shotgun and opened fire, according to Greg Abbott.

The Texas governor said the 18-year-old was killed by responding police, but the case is still under investigation.

US President Joe Biden has ordered the country’s flags to be lowered due to the massacre.

In a statement, the American head of state announced that he had made this decision in “show of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence perpetrated on May 24, 2022 by a gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. , in Texas”.

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