OAB/MS President Creates Caravan to Meet State Law Requirements

President Bitto Pereira in an interview with the Feitosa Communication Group – (Photo: Archive)

President of the first mandate, Bitto Pereira aims to command the Sectional of the OAB of Mato Grosso do Sul in a direction very close to the class. One of the most important projects for him is the Caravan of Prerogatives, through which he will travel across the state, presenting proposals and listening to requests, suggestions and ideas from all lawyers registered with the Order.

From February to April, the president and council visited eight subsections. And the visits must continue throughout the management. The trips made it possible to know the concrete realities of each place. Among the problems already identified, it was possible to have the dimension of the difficulties of access to the trials, frequentation of the police stations, the lack of waiters and magistrates and the delay of the trial.

“We acted quickly before the competent authorities, whether in the courts or in the secretariats of state, asking for the immediate resolution of the problems which make it difficult to carry out the work of the class. To get an idea of ​​the importance of the caravan, based on a meeting that took place in one of the sub-sections, we heard the complaint about the absence of a judge in the district, we carried the problem to the internal affairs of the Court and, today, the judge has already been appointed and deals with the class and society”, illustrated Bitto Pereira.

With regard to the intransigent defense of lawyers’ fees, another banner of management, the OAB-MS created, in the first days of its mandate, a Fees Observatory, whose main objective is to monitor the setting adequate and fair lawyer’s fees in the State, through the monitoring of judicial decisions and normative acts issued in the matter, in order to assist lawyers in the event of a proven violation.

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Question: What will be the objective of your management?
Bitto Pereira – Since we took over the OAB-MS, in January 2022, we have a very clear and defined mission: to work tirelessly in defense of the prerogatives and in the daily fight for decent lawyers’ fees for the entire legal class. of Mato Grosso do Sul. These flags will be present in our daily management.

Question: How important is ABT for advocacy?
Bitto Pereira – The OAB-MS is the house of citizenship, the house of all, lawyers, lawyers, students and society. We fight not only for the prerogatives of the class, but for every citizen of Mato Grosso do Sul. I live, in fact, the OAB-MS. Every day I am here in our house, serving lawyers and lawyers, as well as society. Far beyond advocacy, we have daily citizenship agendas discussed by more than 100 commissions working in the ATO, each with a specific theme. The greatest commitment that I renew every day is knowing how to listen. Knowing how to listen and understand the reality of each colleague in each region of our state. It is a daily exercise in humility, caring for others, representing the law. The conception that I have of a presidency is not that of a president who sends from his room, in the air conditioning. It’s the one that goes where the law firm is. I cannot represent a reality that I do not know. And I’m not just talking about me, but our entire Board of Directors aims to be close to our state’s attorneys on a daily basis. We work on a daily basis, and it has even become our jargon. It’s real day-to-day work for everyone, for the whole Board, Council and Committees. There is no other way than to make a gift to law and to society in order to transform reality and, in three years, leave a legacy of a strong Order and a society respected in its rights.

Question: Can you tell us a bit about your history with the law, where does your interest come from?
Bitto Pereira – I am a teacher’s son, I grew up watching my mother teach, she took me to class. In childhood and adolescence I studied in the morning and in the afternoon I practiced sports, chess and judo, which formed the essence of my life. I am essentially the sum of an educator who has dedicated her life to teaching. And not only my mother, but my grandmother was also a teacher, she had 11 daughters: 11 Marias, 11 educators. My father is a skydiver, I grew up playing sports and competing. 23 years ago, I got my OAB card. On January 10, 2001, I was at OAB-MS, founding the first Young Advocacy Commission, then the Young Lawyers Commission. I was the first president of the commission, 21 years ago. Since then, I have learned a lot with the law, I was a federal councilor at the OAB until I arrived at the Presidency. Everything I am today I owe to the law. Everything I’ve been through, the books I’ve read, all the people and places I’ve met. I firmly believe in the greatest law of this life, the law of sowing. Whatever is sown is reaped. If you dedicate yourself to this craft, it will reward you. I am living proof that it is possible to prosper in law. Advocacy enables professional and intellectual growth and, above all, social mobility.

The President visits the State

Question: What other particular subject does the OAB-MS consider important to mention?
Bitto Pereira –
Caravan of prerogatives. In January, we made it our mission to visit and listen to all the law firms in Mato Grosso do Sul. We visit all subsections and listen to requests and desires, especially from the campaign. From February to April, we visited eight sub-sections and these visits will take place throughout my mandate. Among the various problems already identified, such as difficulties in accessing procedures, attendance at police stations, lack of waiters and magistrates, delays, we have acted promptly before the competent authorities, whether they are courts or secretary of state, demanding an immediate resolution. To get an idea of ​​the importance of the caravan, based on a meeting that took place in one of the sub-sections, we heard the complaint about the absence of a judge in the area, we carried the problem in the court of internal affairs and today the judge has already been appointed and deals with the class and society. And there are many examples like this. We are convinced that they will be resolved on the basis of in situ verification of the problems of each region, by exercising a constant dialogue with the public authorities. With regard to legal costs, another banner of our management, we created, in the first days of the mandate, the Observatory of costs, whose main objective is to monitor the adequate and fair fixing of legal costs in the State, through the follow-up of judicial decisions and normative acts issued in the matter, in order to assist lawyers in the event of violation of this essential prerogative of the class.

Question: Finally, could you tell us a bit about what it’s like to manage OAB in times of a pandemic?
Bitto Pereira –
The pandemic has changed our reality a lot. Today we have appointments, meetings and virtual hearings. Since the beginning of the pandemic, always under the direction of our Honorary Life Member and Federal Councilor Mansour Elias Karmouche, we have thought and acted to facilitate the work of the law. Shared offices have been created, so that the lawyer and the lawyer can have all the necessary tools here in our house to defend their clients: the computer, the internet, the printer, the camera for the hearings. We offer all the support so that he can have a decent, fair job that meets current requirements. Likewise, the work carried out by the Escola Superior de Advocacia (ESA) of MS, in the continuous and adequate training of professionals, with several academic events in online format during this period. The meetings of the thematic commissions of the OAB, in the same way, began to be held in a hybrid system, allowing greater access to all those who wish to participate in the section of the Brazilian Bar Association – Mato Grosso do Sul.

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