Vasco Seabra on the carousel of emotions in Funchal, Vitinha, Schmidt and Diogo Jota

At 38, Vasco Seabra has found the stability he was looking for in Marítimo. He is said to be a coach closer to the players, more interested in personal relationships. reveal in TSP which opponents gave you the most headaches, what do you think of the former player Diogo Jota, but also of the German novelty, Roger Schmidt, in the Portuguese championship.

The Marítimo team breathed a sigh of relief after the first match under Vasco Seabra. In the 12th round, the island team left the relegation places after beating Paços de Ferreira. A few weeks later, the good streak of results was interrupted with a bang. A 7-1 defeat at Luz, the key moment of the season, class Vasco Seabra. The moment to call the players down, to think about the place to reach at the end of the race.

“We found an environment in which we knew things weren’t easy. In our conversations with management – and we had two interviews to also show what we wanted to do – what we looked for was was to give a framework, to understand how we could work with the team and where we had to look”, explains Vasco Seabra.

“One of the goals was, as a technical team, not to look at the board (…) We knew that we had to intervene much more in something which, for us, is essential: the concern for relations , people. player, what is his essence. Realizing that the value of the player remains the same, but there is a change in the player’s perception of his own value”. Marítimo was in the penultimate place, with only one victory. The management of the club had recently changed. Vasco Seabra was the option after the psychological boost.

In the locker room, the intervention of the coach had to be well balanced. “We felt that our bond with them was really close. Always with maximum demands, but making them aware that emotionally, together, they would be capable and much more”, explains the 38-year-old coach.

“One of the conversations we had with the administration was about this stability. We had two meetings with the administration. They also showed us what they wanted. First with the president of the club, then the administration of the SAD, with the president and two administrators”, underlines Vasco Seabra that the new leaders of Marítimo have the perception that stability was also necessary for the technical team. “They were coaches, they spent many years in training and in the game. It was decisive for us to accept”, he underlines.

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