Will Charlie Montoyo be fired? † The Journal of Quebec

Several pundits chose the Blue Jays to play in the post-season playoffs. Unlike the manager at the helm of the team, experts can make mistakes without consequences. However, if the little general does not meet the requirements, he is fired.

A general manager once told me that the manager must be fired before he becomes the scapegoat.

No, Montoyo doesn’t deserve to be shown the way out. He composes with the elements that his CEO has made available to him. Notably, Ross Atkins couldn’t find a replacement for Marcus Semien on second base.

Semien was a powerhouse for the Jays last season with 45 home runs and 102 RBI’s in addition to excelling defensively. At the end of the season, the 31-year-old athlete had tested the free agent market to sign a lucrative contract with the Texas Rangers.

Interrogation in the Enclosure

The long sequence is missing in Toronto. Is it Montoyo’s fault? No. Also, the blatant lack of a dominant receiver at bat over several years is irritating Rogers Center’s customers.

Heading into yesterday’s game against the Cardinals in St. Louis, Jays hitters hit a whopping 12 home runs in May. Only Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees had 11 in the same month.

Before juggling Montoyo’s future, the Jays must analyze the work of batting coaches who have yet to close the elite hitters’ gap, leaving too many players on the trails.

Quebec Baseball and Studies

Baseball Québec’s programs enable young people to improve. These development tools within the different school networks are important because our young people learn the basics of sports thanks to dedicated and competent coaches.

The Canadian Baseball Academy (ABC), the baseball sports study programs, not to mention the independent programs in Quebec and elsewhere, enable young people to develop their talent so that they will someday have the opportunity to get a scholarship. †

clarify my thoughts

Recently, during the podcast Achieved the goals in the company of Sylvain Rondeau and Benoît Rioux I made an incendiary remark, for some, which I doubtless should have explained in more detail.

Never, ever, do I believe that a young person should be prevented from participating in a school baseball program in the United States. People who think I am against this project are completely wrong, because over the years I have recommended many Quebecers to continue their post-secondary research with our southern neighbors rather than sign a professional contract. For a few youngsters, it has paid off.

The experience of living in a different environment is always enriching. However, one should not forget the reason behind his choice. Is it to increase his chances of developing to sign a lucrative contract, learn English or get a US university degree?

The problem is the lack of a summer project that will allow our young people to come home. It is unacceptable that there is no platform in Quebec for our elite players to train under the supervision of a licensed baseball coach and play in leagues in the province of La Belle.

rowing very hard

As president of the Quebec Junior Elite Baseball League, I advocate the implementation of such a program. But it is far from easy. Sometimes I feel like I’m going up a river in a rowboat with no oar.

For several years now, with the collaboration of Baseball Quebec, we have been trying to find a way to keep our youth at home during the hot season. I repeat it even more clearly: If an athlete is given the opportunity to join an American school organization, I strongly encourage him to go.

On the other hand, a summer development program is essential in Quebec, as it would allow our young people who do not have the chance to cross the border to refine their favorite sport here, while ultimately giving them the opportunity to to sign a contract with the pluses.

Let’s not forget the girls

There is one more factor that should not be forgotten. We must give the same opportunity to the girls of the ABC who shine just as much as the boys. We need to develop an elite competition that allows girls to showcase their talent to US school program recruiters.

Finally, to former players who have studied in the United States through their development within Baseball Quebec, whether you agree with me or not, why not spend a few hours of your summer teaching the basics of the game. sports and to share with young Quebecers your experiences in the elite here or elsewhere?

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