4 RPG games to learn English in a dynamic, playful and fun way

Pleasure can be an excellent ally of education – provided there is a learning strategy. Language, when presented in a playful way, with associations to images, and inserted into a given scenario, is easier to learn, because the brain naturally creates meanings, without being tied to translations, which can be an escape valve for parents who don’t have one. do not know what to do with their children who are very connected to the world of games.

More than 70% of Brazilians are fans of electronic games, according to the Game Brasil 2020 survey. ). Since most of the games are in English, people who consume them come to understand the language in a practical and effective way. This form of learning is called mnemonics, that is, when the resources are used to help memorize content, mathematical formulas, dates, words, texts, names and also languages .

In this context, an example is the role-playing games. The game is all about playing characters. After customizing an avatar with characteristics such as race, appearance, age and even the necessary virtues and skills, the user must overcome the obstacles and challenges that will appear throughout the plot. Each title has a plot and their stories depend on the player’s performance.

“I grew up in a time when games still had no translation. In fact, getting an RPG in English – not Japanese – was already a huge win. To understand what the missions required, there had only one way out: to learn by trial and error. Little by little, the keywords, terms and commands repeated themselves and I absorbed them naturally. I hadn’t even realized that I was learning a language, but the game became easier. It wasn’t until I took a level test that I discovered my English skills,” explains Carlos Marcelo, pedagogical coordinator at Minds Idiomas.

Then discover four RPG games to learn English in a dynamic, playful and fun way.

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1. Mass Effect 2

The first suggestion among RPG games was developed by BioWare and originally published by Microsoft Game Studios. Released on January 11, 2010, it is now available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows platforms. In Mass Effect 2, each player must interact with other characters to bond and earn their loyalty. Unlike the first title in the series, instead of gaining experience per enemy defeated, the characters improve after each mission completed or task solved, encouraging the player to advance in the story, since there is no reward to kill one opponent after another, and also generate impact with side missions.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Action game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It’s an adventure, with a gigantic map and many challenges, with places to explore. In Skyrim, the player experiences the plot of Dovahkiin, the “son” of dragons, told in millennial prophecies. The protagonist comes into the world to fight and eliminate the threat of destruction from the returning dragons. In addition to the main story, the game is rich in side quests and stories hidden in the setting, character interactions, forgotten books in caves and castles, and much more. It is the fifth game in the series and is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 5, 4 and 3, Xbox Serie X and Microsoft Windows platforms.

3. The world ends with you

Released in Japan as It’s a Wonderful World, it’s an action-RPG developed by Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts team and Jupiter Company for Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and Nintendo DS platforms. Unlike the two previous games, The World Ends With You applies systems and gameplay typical of this subgenre, as it leaves aside the action of Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim to bet on more traditional combat systems. The title involves the use of both screens to create a combat system that splits the action of the storyline into two viewpoints. This novelty fits well with the proposal of touch screens for more than a decade, which helps to explain the great success of the game on mobile phones.

4. Baldur’s Gate 2: Amn’s Shadow

The last suggestion among RPG games was developed by BioWare and released for PC on September 24, 2000 by Interplay Entertainment. Today it is available for Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS Classic platforms. The RPG offers gameplay with isometric graphics and a real-time combat system that allows breaks, as well as party formation with up to six characters. Quite long, the story can take up to 60 hours, while completing all quests can exceed 300 hours, including new features such as spells, classes, levels and specialization kits. During the game, the decisions made by the user will influence the course of the story and the relationship between the characters in the group, changing future events.

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